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    "I am amazed at your state. The skies are irradiant because of you, but you have ceased to be. How long will you lead a life of ignorance and degradation? It was from you that the world received its mental and spiritual illumination. You served as a minaret of light during the dark night of the past. The 'luminous hand' (of Moses) was present in your sleeve. But, today, you have shut yourself up in a narrow shell and seem to have forgotten that you can break it. You were present before the world was created and will remain after it has ended. You are afraid of death while death itself should be afraid of you. Death is not lying in wait for you but it is the other way round. Man does not die with departing of the soul. He dies when faith goes out of him and belief deserts his heart."

    Allama Iqbal in Glory of Iqbal by Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

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