Apr 6, 2012 - writings    6 Comments

Things that annoy me

OK going to go back to posting something every Friday even if it’s irrelevant… :D

Feel free to ignore this post….especially if something here annoys you ;)

Things that annoy me:

- “friends” that diss you for long periods of time then assume you’re still “friends”

- ppl who always argue with you about your statuses on fb/twitter

- women in domestic violence situations who describe how horrible it is to gain your sympathy/help, then the next day say ‘everythings fine’ and are angry with ppl who say otherwise

- bratty kids

- brothers who are 30+ and still players

- mechanics who rip u off cuz ur a girl

- ghetto attitudes in mosques/schools ie everyone should work for free, we shouldn’t have anything nice or think about the future or what we’re doing, the mosque should be junky dirty etc

- aunties who never fail to ask about your marital status

- young girls with pouty/sexualized profile pics

- guys who wax lyrical all about islam and how makeup and pants and intermixing are haram etc then after some time go marry a non-muslim

- wedding crashers

- cheapness

- huge companies that are designed to rip off consumers ie banks, airlines, sprint, time warner etc.

- ppl who think losing weight is easy

- parents who want special treatment for *their* kid

- screaming babies/kids at taraweeh

- muslims who act like they don’t watch movies or listen to music when they do

- when ppl define beauty based upon amount of melanin

- when guys think women are either docile quiet and islamic or career minded feminizis

…yes i feel better don’t u? ;)