May 3, 2013 - londonista    3 Comments

Things I miss

Things I missed from the US:

10. mcdonalds fries (not gonna lie it just ain’t the same over there)
9. soft serve ice cream places
8. friendly strangers
7. drive thrus
6. bbqs/community picnics
5. easy to make boxed stuff ie cake mixes, mashed potatoes, tuna helper, shake n bakes
4. walmart/target
3. my shaikhs/imams/muslim community
2. friends
1. my family


Things I miss that are in the UK:

10. gawking at expensive items ie harrods/monsoon
9. easy visits to a doc
8. politically aware/cultured/well traveled ppl
7. people watching/fashion watching from my window
6. tea culture, tea everywhere
5. good tv on tv ie downton abbey, call the midwife are regular shows not pbs!
4. variety of halal restaurants ie burgers n shakes, south african, chinese etc.
3. organized islamic events
2. seeing hijabis/visible muslims everywhere
1. my husband