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A Lover’s Regrets


a lover*’s regrets

i sit beside my
bedroom window
looking out into the
sad, ink-streaked night

the rain gently falls
and i wonder
have i fallen out of favor?

do my duas reach
the heavens?
or fall empty below
onto the dew covered grass?

have my sins covered my
heart so, that it matches
the black night
so angels can’t see it?

there are
blessings on the breeze
but i can’t feel it
for the glass
is there
you know?

i repent
i repent
i repent

ahhh just a refrain
but can i make it real?

can i come back to you?
will you love me again?
will you take me back in embrace?

or am i to be forever
in the dark?


*love of  Allah ppl


  • lovely, sad, and soulful…

    u should post it to the tazkiya list!

  • u know how u write a poem and u try to express something but it just doesn’t come out right… plus i think ppl on the tazkiya list are a little literalist they definitely wouldn’t understand this one!

  • “I know of nothing more useful to you than four matters:
    surrender to Allah,
    to humbly entreat Him,
    to think the best of Him,
    and to perpetually renew your repentance to Him,
    even if you should repeat a sin seventy times in a day.”
    ~ Ibn Ata’illah ‘Letter to one of the brethren’

  • nice quote jazaks umm!

  • May Allah azza wajjala be wit u nd reward u amin summa Amin

    • Ameen and the same for you.