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A youtube recommendation…


This is a really nice presentation by an ‘anonymous brother’ on youtube about places of importance in the seerah of the prophet using google earth and pictures.

The links to the youtube movie is below. It’s 15 chapters. So check it out it’s very nice ma’shallah!
Here’s the link to watch all of them together… Watch till the end that’s the best part! ;)

Update: These videos were removed by the brother after speaking to some scholars and knowledgeable people, they were worried that certain parties would use the information to destroy those sites or some people might use the information wrongly.

Very sad :(

There is a link to a different type of presentation on the same subject in the comments.


  • These beautiful clips on the seerah have been removed from youtube by the user! – :( Does anyone know where esle I can view them?

  • wsalaam, yes the brother removed them after talking to some ulema for some important reasons he didn’t wish to publicize. inshaAllah maybe he’ll make some more later.

  • Please take few moments to view the presentation on MUHAMMAD (pbuh); The Most Remarkable Man in History. It is hoped that you will greatly benefit from the guidance provided by this man – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/moreonislam/files/ProphetMuhammadandYou.zip

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