I was ready to tell
the story of my life
but the ripple of tears
and the agony of my heart
wouldn’t let me

i began to stutter
saying a word here and there
and all along i felt
as tender as a crystal
ready to be shattered
in this stormy sea
we call life

all the big ships
come apart
board by board
how can i survive
riding a lonely
little boat
with no oars
and no arms

my boat did finally break
by the waves
and i broke free
as i tied myself
to a single board

though the panic is gone
i am now offended
why should i be so helpless
rising with one wave
and falling with the next
i don’t know
if i am
while i exist
but i know for sure
when i am
i am not
when i am not
then i am

now how can i be
a skeptic
about the
resurrection and
coming to life again
since in this world
i have many times
like my own imagination
died and
been born again
that is why
after a long agonizing life
as a hunter
i finally let go and got
hunted down and became free


Assalaam alaikum, peace, I’m Jannah.

About me:
This blog is a kinda a Muslim girl’s journal of life :) I have a BA in Comp Sci and Psychology, MA in Educational Technology. Originally from upstate NY now married and living in London.

Occupation: Started this website many moons ago and hope it is beneficial for everyone.

Hobbies & Interests: My interests include Islam, Dawah, the web, reading and Arabic. I love traveling and have traveled quite a bit to different places. Check out some of the different blogs like the Road to Damascus series.

Philosophy on life: I hope to live as a Muslim and die as a Muslim and somewhere a long the way have a life that is full of khair. I believe it is a beautiful way of life and that a person has to choose it as their path.

Favorite food:
My favorite foods: lindt chocolate, tandoori chicken, grape leaves, strawberries and walnut dark chocolate brownies. (not all together! :p)

Favorite book: Road to Makkah and Pride and Prejudice among many, many others.

Favorite music: Nasheeds by Sami Yusuf, Zain Bhikha, Dawud Wharnsby, Native Deen, Raihan, etc and Quran by Shaatri

Favorite film: Pride & Prejudice of course, anything Jane Austen related really

Favorite Quran verse:
‘Wa uzlifatil jannatu lil muttaqeena ghayra ba’eed’ — ‘And the Garden will be brought near to the Righteous – no more a thing distant’

Favorite quotes:

I saw grief drinking a cup of sorrow and called out,
“It tastes sweet, does it not?” “You’ve caught me,” grief answered,
“and you’ve ruined my business, how can I sell sorrow
when you know it’s a blessing?”
– Rumi

The body a tree.
God a wind.
When He moves me like this,
Like this,
Angels bump heads with eath other
Gathering beneath my cheeks,
Holding their wine
Catching the brilliant tear,
– Hafiz

A charm invests a face
Imperfectly beheld.
The lady dare not lift her veil
For fear it be dispelled.
But peers beyond her mesh,
And wishes, and denies,
‘Lest interview annul a want
That image satisfies.
–Emily Dickinson

Let not the sorry plight of the garden upset the gardener;
Soon buds will sprout on the branches and like stars glitter.
Weeds and brambles will be swept out of the garden with a broom;
And where martyrs blood was shed red roses shall bloom.
Look, how russet hues have tinged the eastern skies!
The horizon heralds the birth of a new sun about to rise.
– Iqbal, Jawab-e-Shikwa (The Answer to the Complaint)

…When the leaves begin 2 fall
I hold my hopes up high
As the sparrows look 2 fly
I dream alone at night
If I take the simple path
I will never fall again
When the colors start to fade
I can see the loving greys…
–Irfan Makki

I see them walking and riding and assembling—all those myriads of white-garbed pilgrims of thirteen hundred years; I hear the sounds of their passed-away days; the wings of the faith which has drawn them together to this land of rocks and sand and seeming deadness beat again with the warmth of life over the arc of centuries, and the mighty wingbeat draws me into its orbit and draws my own passed-away days into the present, and once again I am riding over the plain—riding in a thundering gallop over the plain, amidst thousands and thousands of ihram-clad beduins, returning from Arafat to Mecca. ~Muhammad Asad

Sometimes in order to help He makes us cry.
Happy the eye that sheds tears for His sake.
Fortunate the heart that burns for His sake.
Laughter always follows tears.
Blessed are those who understand.
Life blossoms wherever water flows.
Where tears are shed divine mercy is shown.

O Allah, I ask of You those things which will procure Your mercy, and I ask for Your immense forgiveness, and I ask for complete safety from [committing] sins, and a full share of virtuous deeds, and salvation by attaining Paradise and deliverance from Hell.



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