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Dedicated to a Smalltown, Somewhere.


Driving through this town,

Buying ice cream at this place,

Surreal feelings wash over me.

He lived here,

He studied here,

He worked here.

So many mistakes,

So many years,

How did I end up here?

And he,

So far away,

A stranger to me.


Things unsaid,

Misunderstandings spread,

Friendship never held.

Love never found,

Now I’m here,

In this, his town.

Driving around,

Thinking about,

What never happened.

Sad and ephemeral,

With my ‘what might have been’s.


Do the streets know

His thoughts of me?

Did the rain wash away

All the marks of our past?

Did the years crumble

All his memories?

Ruins all.

Why do I stall?

Must move on,

Must move on.


  • as salaamu alaykum,

    wow I think that was one of the best things I ever read by you but also sad and haunting and depressing :(

    it reminds me of the lyrics of a song ‘ghost’ by the indigo girls:

    Now I see your face before me
    I would launch a thousand ships
    To bring your heart back to my island
    As the sand beneath me slips
    As I burn up in your presence
    And I know now how it feels
    To be weakened like Achilles
    With you always at my heels

    This bitter pill I swallow
    Is the silence that I keep
    It poisons me I cant swim free
    The river is too deep
    Though I’m baptized by your touch
    I am no worse than most
    In love with your ghost

  • wsalaam,

    no one said it was real so don’t be depressed :) those lyrics are beautiful.

  • Wow that was realllly good. I loved it. :)