Dec 8, 2006 - music/pics/videos    2 Comments

All Roads Lead to Makkah…

As people prepare to leave for Hajj, my thoughts turn to one year ago. SubhanAllah. May Allah grant all who visit His House sincerely a Hajj Mabrur.

Here’s the youtube video I made that has the pics of our trip along with some of my favorite Hajj nasheeds:


  • salaam, I’ve been reading that book ‘A Thousand Roads to Mecca’, it’s soo amazing… the struggles people went through in the past, risking death itself just to make it to that sacred land… I was getting a little teary eyed myself thinking about how easy it is for us to go, but that it’s just not our time yet… pray for us, those of us that haven’t been blessed with the opportunity to go, that our time comes soon….

  • Salaams,
    JazakAllah for sharing, it was beautiful. It brought back so many memories of my own hajj.

    To Shaz, I read michael wolfe’s book before I left for hajj, and I also was moved at how difficult it had been for people in the past for hajj and so I thought that it would be so easy for us, but it was difficult, it always is, just in different ways, they say the other name for hajj is sabr. May Allah swt grant you the opportunity when the time is right for you. Ameen.