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An award

Thank you to the brasscrescent awards for nominating my blog and for those who voted for me!! I actually won!! I’ve noticed a spike in the amount of readers. Probably hundreds of new people. This really scares me. :) But hey, welcome aboard. Please click on the archive list of all posts down there on the left and read up on what you’ve missed. You’ll perhaps like to start with Islam op-eds. And comment!!



Update: Adding the nice description by br wcoastbaba which is a good introduction & almost as good as an award :)

A blog that I’ve been following for the last year or so (I am a member of the author’s awesome website as well) won the award for Best Blog Design among Muslim blogs as per the 6th Annual Brass Crescent Awards. Aside from the very cool design that immediately pops out at you upon arriving on the homepage, the blog itself, entitled ‘Road To Jannah’.which is not to be out-done by the catchy avatar, contains many posts that are also outstanding; some sample blog posts include: Top 10 Advice for Single Muslim Sisters Wanting to Get Married, Muslim Etiquette Guide to Life, Money & Modern Dilemmas, Signs You’re Getting Old(er), and Advice for Muslims Guys (aka how not to be a jerk) just to name a few.

Entries also include poems written by the author and as well as her reflections on personal experiences ( well, each blog entry does reflect an experience or a part thereof that Sister Jannah has gone through at some point or another) and many have provided for lively debate amongst us members, especially the last one listed above.

So please stop by Sister Jannah’s blog if you have some free time; you’ll have a great read and perhaps enlighten us with some of your own input into the various subjects that have been addressed. Ma’salaam / Peace be with you.


  • Wow Sister Jannah – MUBARAK HO!!! This is very awesome! Truly it is a well-designed blog – I would say that’s the best award to win – is it not? Well, ok, best blog would be cool, but hey, best design is still no small feat. So this basically confirms what we have all long known – that our Sis Jannah has mad blog design skillz! Wooohooo! :-D Lastly, have to agree on the statement they made: “eyecatching home page avatar” That little lady just rocks! :-)

  • Salam again Sis J – I decided to do a quick post on my blog about the award, and I used the image from the blog, please let me know if it’s ok and if not, I’ll take it down. Thanks and congrats again!

  • As’salamualaykum,
    Congratulations on this humble little award. I had to comment seeing as my online brother Baba responded first – he’s a rare gem masha’Allah and will leave the ‘loudest’ feedback.

    Our tiny website was nominated this year too, I missed it when reading!

    Excellent pieces and an adorable BlogSite sister, keep it up please! ?

  • walaikum salaam wrt,

    whoa thanks for the great advertising wcoastbaba and thanks for visiting sr zaufishan :)


  • Congrats sis and Jazakallahu Khayran.

  • Thanks br zubair and wa iyyak

  • Congratulations. It was a well deserved win.

  • Awww, ALMOST as good as an award!; *blush* – you flatter me Sister Jannah ;-) Honestly though, when I saw that you added that I kept looking at it and could believe something I wrote was on the blog! LOL. Awesome. Thanks and you are welcome.