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Another Sad Day for American Muslims

Last weekend 5 million American Musims collectively gave a sigh of relief when the NYC Times Square bomber suspect was said to be a white male. I watched the grainy video of the guy who took off his shirt and stuffed it in a bag at least three times to make sure he was “white” and not “Arab”. (Don’t lie you did it too!) Yup, that male pattern baldness and paunchiness in a certain way did not look Arab at all. Got to be one of those crazy I-hate-the-IRS lost my-house-to-mortgage guys. PHEW.

We even had the luxury of making a few jokes at Fox News’s expense. Later the next evening my Mom came home and was like “You know what they’re saying! It was a Pakistani-Muslim guy!”. I was like “NUH-UH! I just checked CNN and they still don’t know who did it. How do you know?”  “That’s what they’re saying at the Pakistani store”, she nodded sagely, “Yes and I bought some mangos, $1 each so expensive!” What the heck… I thought, and not about the mangos. Later the next day is when the story broke.  Aunties at the local Paki-Mart: 1  CNN: 0

I think the major feeling I and most Muslims have right now is ANGER. Just plain anger. How could this idiot go and actually try to do something like this.  Go against ALL the teachings of Islam and make life worse for Muslims everywhere. It just doesn’t make sense to me in this day and age of CSI, all-seeing CCTV, GPS tracking on everything and government access to everything, that anyone thinks they can pull off the perfect crime, especially a crime of this magnitude with this much man-power and technology on hand to track it. What a complete idiot.

And what did he gain?? Ruined his life, his wife’s life, his two kids, his extended family. Pakistan again under questions. Muslims in the US again under question. Damaged the name of Islam. Tried to kill innocent people walking around Times Square??!!! For what?!! What an idiot. Honestly I would like to punch him in the face and I’m not even kidding. And I’m a very petite non-violent person but I’d like to, even for just his wife and children.


So now the Islamophobes are out in force once again. Writing their anti-Islam blog tirades with glee, racist Republicans are shaking their fists over more racial profiling and changing immigration laws, the usual ex-Muslims are probably typing(howling) into the night trying to get their latest new coffee table hate-Islam book out to their publishers.

And of course there are the feature news stories with the neighbors coming out as usual to say he “was a quiet guy” but “they always had a funny feeling about him” and that he used to “jog at night wearing all black” and that he once said “he didn’t like Bush or his foreign policy.”  AND, AND most suspicious of all, they once had a “tag sale selling their stuff”. Very ominous indeed. And then there are the pictures. The main picture spread all over the media of him is actually him cropped out of a picture holding his baby. Obviously not good media to show a picture of a man holding a newborn baby with headlines screaming terrorist. Then there are pictures of him with his snazzy bluetooth driving, with a camera and his arms around his wife in front a famous NYC tourist landmark. Pictures of the 300k house he took a mortgage out on and lost, interior and exterior. (One articled labeled the earthtone decorating scheme “unfortunate”.)

And they say he confessed everything and “cooperated”. AFTER 8 hours of interrogation, they THEN read him his rights and he cooperated some more and admitted to everything. Hmm.

I just don’t get it. He may have lost his house with the mortgage (which he shouldn’t have had in the first place as a Muslim. This is why mortgages are Haram because you are buying on complete speculative credit which can easily backfire on you and if it doesn’t you still end up paying through the nose) and now he was bankrupt. But come on why throw your whole life away? “He did not seem radicalized or particularly religious”, they said. No one in the American Muslim community has ever heard of him. He had no ties to even local Mosques. Ok.

He had an MBA! I can’t understand it. America seems stumped too, there’s headlines like “From fatherly family man to Taliban bomber”.  But then the media comes to their senses and realizes he was MUSLIM and that should be enough. So he must have been an Al-Qaida agent or Taliban. Nope no ties there either. Taliban said they don’t know him but give him a pat on the head. Huh?!  He must hate our freedoms… even though… he lived all of them… big house, 2 kids, wife, job in the city…wait… still kinda confused.

The latest is that his wife graduated from a college in Colorado. This is breaking news because didn’t some other wack terrorist like live somewhere in Denver once too? There must be a connection! All these Mozlims must be in on it together! Tune in to Fox-News………

Anyways, just another sad sad day being an American Muslim.

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Ruined Lives…

I think I’ll cry if I look at that baby one more time.









Tour of Inside the House by CNN




Pictures from media outlets, myspace or Orkut (where ppl are posting horrible things on her profile). Why don’t they just delete her profile there?


  • Islam is peace, we are not terrorist and never we would be.

  • Sr Jannah – As I said in the forum – I couldn’t have said things any better than you have here. omA – That other baby pic wasn’t in the original post – that is heart-breaking – what a beautiful baby – I teared up when I saw it just once (after reading what you had written)!
    As you describe, there seems to have been the same warning signs that we heard about after the Ft. Hood tragedy, and sadly, no one seemed to think anything of it. Why didn’t the neigbors who made the comments that “he was strange” and “didn’t come out much” come forward?? I know that we all want to think the best of people or at least, give them the benefit of the doubt or plainly, just never hope for the worst / feel pessimistic, but I would rather they step forward if they have an doubt whatsoever and maybe prevent the guy from taking a fatal (by this I mean even proceeding with any act, not just things going all the way, which in this case, still didn’t happen, Shukr’Allah) step and maybe sparing his family and himself?
    I can’t imagine what his wife and children will go through in the coming days, weeks and months. Just one stupid move by him and he has changed, for the worse, their lives forever. Did he forget his responsibilities to them?
    Wow, yes, why don’t they take down the picture?


    When will this end? I love living in America (I’ve come to appreciate it even more after living in Central Europe for 5 years). Insha’allah, I want to help contribute to both the American society and the Muslim community in my city and wherever I end up – and I would hate to have such individuals compromising our honest, and obligatory duties as Muslims in the society of which we are members.

    May Allah (swt) Guide us in finding the Best manner to move forward in this time of trial and tribulation. Ameen.

    PS Sr. Jannah, as usual, since it would take too much time to write my own post, I once again request if I can put this up on my blog (minus the pictures). I hope more voices like yours are heard in the coming weeks.

  • Great post, Jannah. I agree, wholeheartedly.

  • Salam,

    Interesting post! Here’s the thing though–Muslims should NEVER feel guilty for something other “Muslim” extremists do. As long as we know these behaviors are prohibited in Islam, we shouldn’t have to walk around apologizing and freaking out, right?

    Just my two cents anyways…

    JAK for your time, Was-Salaamu Alaikum.

    Rania Abuisnaineh

  • if things went wrong 4 him he should have made Sabr. when things go wrong for us we should make sabr.