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Muslim Advocates video on Got Rights? – A MUST SEE!!

EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS. Amazing how they do this stuff.

Watch how easy it is to trap ordinary Muslims. This is exactly how they do it. Poor Muslims invite them into their homes and serve them tea. This is exactly what my mom would do! :( Have to make her watch this!!

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Blog feeds are lovely things…

So I checked the logs and there’s 600 ppl feeding into this blog!!!!!!! Ahhh google reader is a wonderful thing isn’t it. (I’m addicted to it myself). Well, subtract out all the gov’t agencies, a reporter or two, my family (hi mom!) and the occasional freak stalker and I guess the 5 or 6 of you left can try these for some beneficial ramadan reading ;)

Some lovely Ramadan Reminders I

Some lovely Ramadan Reminders II


2007 Ramadan Diaries

wsalaam wrt,

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Some recent articles on Islam in the media!

Good stuff!!! (Well some of it!)

CLICK on Links below!!!

Islam in America: A Special Report

The Ideals We Share

Internet Imams: Inside the Cyber-Jihad

What It’s Like to Wear the Hijab in the U.S.

On Faith: Muslims Speak Out on Violence, Human Rights, Religion

Video: The American Muslim

Graphic: Islam in America

Muslims and Soccer: A High School Controversy

Muslim American Teens Search for Identity

Poll: Americans Are Mixed on U.S. Muslims

Slam Dancing for Allah

Talk Transcript: Islam in America