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Mar 17, 2009 - humor    6 Comments

Funny searches that landed ppl on this blog

One of the things that amuses me everyday is the stuff people type into google to get to this blog. They are often hilarious and often :O quite scary… So as it’s St. Patrick’s day today we’ll say sometimes these poor leprechauns get to the pot of gold and sometimes they are still tryin’ to find the end of the rainbow! … here are some that I found interesting, odd or decidedly entertaining:  :D

KEYWORDS — My Comments

what do you get in jannah — anything u want it’s jannah!!

attractive muscular quiet guy at work — wow let me know where u work!

— haha very specific i feel like he’s going to put this in the marriage contract!

i always get mad at my mom because i have a temper problem islam — umm why add the islam there at the end?? and stop being mad!!

picking spouses in Jannah — awww

muslim girl first night — ummm maybe u need to take a health class or talk to ur married friends

im not muslim but like a muslim girl
— lol

what do girls find attractive - this appears more than once… hey we’re happy to educate!

muslim girls – it’s nice that ur looking in google, probably the best place to look :/

meeting a muslim girl for potential marriage — oooo sounds interesting

Jilbab Hijab Muslim porn — WTH disgusting pervert what is that???

are you religious
— looove it hope u read my whole blog on that subject.

as salaam alaykum poem – are they saying salam to a poem??

What muslim girls would like to talk about — about *you* of course *gigglez

i want one muslim girl — lol i love how he said one.

muslim women praying — yes we pray a lot.

fine muslims girls for marriage
— das right he be lookin for dem fyyyneeee muslim girls

are half of all muslims women? — huh?

do we keep spouses in jannah — i get the feeling all these ppl in miserable marriages are wondering.

im looking for muslim girl for married — if she’s married already u have problems bud!

muslim death jannah children — this one scared me.

Mature Jannah — as opposed to an Immature Jannah

which person don’t go in jannat — good thing to search on i think

women’s souq damascus – there’s a women’s only souq in damascus??

jannah emphasis – i like ur emphasis

Duas for a woman trying to get married — awww thats nice, if u find some let me know too

“like black guys” — haha where someone’s exact words come back to bite them

a.r.rahman loves his wife — so sweettt

what should i do if this girl doesn’t me anymore and i love her in the muslim way — Uhhh u might need a psychologist for that, a muslim psychologist.

“rumi’+”saw grief drinking” — this is a great poem, kudos for remembering the main words.

impotent muslim guys for marriage — gahhhhhh i don’t want to know.

muslim women wearing niqab
-  uhhh are they not gonna all look the same???

jannah under feet of husband — uhhh that’s MOTHERS!! MOTHERS

water lapping — nice soothing sound to put u to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

how can u marry a muslim girl — goooin’ to the mosque and gonna get ma-ma-rrriiiiieeeeed

Im done poems — ur done?

DOING GOOD IN QIRAN — ur not doing so good if you can’t spell QURAN!

muslim girls looking for a muslim husband — get in line sistah!

love jannah nude pics — you are disgusting

why do girls wanna be attractive — so we can attract losers like you

good things like qaran — almost as good as QURAN

unmarried man dying jannah – ouch sounds sad

humor die heretic — doesn’t sound funny to me?

jannah bad girl — there are no bad girls in jannah foo!!

girls are attractive — yes, yes we are thanks.

the robin and the rose arabic poem — so close… it’s a dove!

i’m done trying — i love this one!! i’m done too my friend!

wedding legal stuff — good to read up on this stuff eh

JUST JANNAH PICS — have yet to meet someone who was able to smuggle a camera out sorry

what does islam say about the women of jannah — a very nice search ma’shallah!

video about suicide bombers going to jannah — ??? how about the videos of them going to hell?

what staff a muslim women should do to be a good muslem — good search but the spelling could use some help

home made muslim porn — OMG are you serious!!! astaghfirullah!!!

what is jannah like —- awww so sweet a question

All Roads Lead To Makkah — i want to title my book this so don’t take it!!!

“the mother is a school” Poem — ooo nice poem but i’ve never heard of it

jannah matchmaking — i wonder if they have a bureau in jannah where they match ppl up?

Noor Ki Barish Mein Beeghta Sa Tar Aaya ♥ — lol i love how this person added the little heart symbol at the end

what you think jannah looks like — ooo a very good question

define Jannah — ‘garden’ ‘heaven’

just jannah pics — no jahannam pics ok

muslim “single parent” allowed — only multiple parents allowed

aunty barish ma — i don’t have an aunty named barish?

what is the physical thing in jannah? — what physical thing?

movie about people arranged that fall in love — awww that sounds like a good romantic comedy

Jannah is our real life — indeed. indeed.

jannah jeans — no wayyy!! i want to get those!

Love Story Because im Girl-Kiss film – huh?

islam referring to wife as your jannah — awww

islam, are hindi movies haram —  islam, what have u to say?

be with someone you love in jannah — yes you will be inshaAllah

charlie lost knuckles FATE — there totally should have been spoiler brackets around that

who wrote ‘arziyan’ song? A R RAHMAN — if you already knew why did u ask??

a.r.rahman is amazing,blogs — blogs, he sure is hehe

dreams of Jannah — ooo another good possible title for a book

Jannah is like — like…. so much awesomeness.

who was buhaira / who is buhaira — haha i like how he tried past and then present tense, he’s the monk guy!!

Where is Jannah — good question

jaja allahu jaja allahu — ??

secrets of jannah — oooo i want to know too

one day of jannah is how many human days — if jannah is forever…then one day is… forever eh…

sooo weird sooo very weird… thanks for googling y’all :)