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Jul 31, 2009 - marriage stuff    17 Comments

Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Single Muslim Sux :)

Top 10 reasons why being a single Muslim sucks:

Muslim matrimonials

10. People trying to set you up with the weirdo who doesn’t speak English or the guy with 5  1/2 kids looking for a second wife. (And then they call you picky!)

9. Can’t get the family rate at ICNA. (or ISNA or MAS or the subway)

8. You’re never invited to those married couple parties. (Did you know they have their own secret social world, single muggles not allowed.)

7. Attending those ‘singles lectures on marriage’ where they talk about the same ole stuff except real ways of getting us married! (Or they lecture us on why we should just accept our parents choice.)

6. Realizing your kids by the time (if) u have any will be too young to match-make with your  friend’s kids.

5. Pervert guys who think you’re now desperate enough to consider them. (a la Mr. Collins)

4. Meeting long lost old friends who immediately ask, ‘Are you married!? How many kids do you have!?’. (No and no.)

3. Your mom reminds you that at your age she was already married with 3 kids! (Yes, I wish I was a child bride too.)

2. Muslim matrimonials. (Need we say more?)



1. Every auntie at every wedding, engagement or aqeeqah saying, ‘You’re next!!’. (Do single people look pregnant or something? :P)

Nov 16, 2007 - marriage stuff    4 Comments

Matrimonial site?


So I’ve kind of been thinking about this idea FOR YEARS. That is creating a matrimonial site. But the obvious problem has always been how to filter out the freaks and protecting the sisters. I still don’t know how to do that. But last night we had a halaqah here and the shaikh talked about how if you help to remove a burden from someone in this life, Allah will lift a burden from you on the Day of Judgment. And I know how hard it is to look for someone decent, especially for older people.

Yes I know there are a billion sites out there, but they all charge money and I think are pretty much full of freaks. So I don’t know. It’s still an idea… suggestions, criticisms, naysayers? what do you guys think??

Jan 18, 2007 - marriage stuff    7 Comments

Who would u rather marry?


K these philosophical questions always come up amongst girls at 2 o’ clock in the morning ;) we had a good time discussing this one in nyc this weekend… thought i’d ask u my beloved blog readers (esp if someone’s married their thoughts would be interesting too):

Say you only had two choices: Would you marry someone who you loved and didn’t love you or someone who loved you and you didn’t love…. and why?

and btw we had a theory about brothers and sisters answers but i’ll let u answer first…

u know what from the logs a lot of ppl are reading the blog but no one comments!! so i’m gonna move this to the msg board… pls post there: