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Dec 4, 2006 - marriage stuff    7 Comments

Questions Women WISH they could really ask

Questions Women WISH they could really ask:

1. If u came home from work and there was no food and just a note that said ‘salaam honey I went to the halaqa at the mosque’ how would u feel?
2. Are you pro PDA or anti PDA?
3. How much of a mama’s boy are u?
4. Do you plan on changing me after marriage? If so, what aspects?
5. What kind of gifts would you get your wife, if any?
6. Are u unreasonably jealous?
7. Are u into the traditional role of the wife?
8. Would u be actively involved in raising the kids?
9. Are u a compassionate, romantic, kind person?
10. How many nights a week will u cook dinner?

Dec 3, 2006 - marriage stuff    12 Comments

Jannah’s Marriage Test

My prospective spouse tried n’ true marriage test:

1. I want to get married so…
a. I can have a maid finally
b. I can have a companion in life and Deen
c. I can u know what
d. I can finally get in good with INS

2. The type of movie I would go see would be…
a. Astaghfirullah
b. LOTR and The Last Samurai
c. Jihad is a real life movie
d. Anything with excessive sex and violence

3. I find Rumi to be…
a. A crazy Dervish
b. Interesting and wise
c. Who’s that?
d. The greatest Shaikh of all time

4. I am…
a. Salafi
b. Muslim
c. Wahabbi
d. Sufi

5. I am looking for a girl who…
a. Cooks a mean Biryani
b. Is a good Muslim
c. Looks like Aishwariya Rai
d. Can give birth every year

6. Feminists are…
a. all evil
b. some good, some bad
c. all lesbians
d. really men under cover

7. Muslim girls shouldn’t be out after Maghrib because…
a. She should be in the house
b. This is a trick question
c. She should already be at the local club
d. It isn’t safe to be out that late

8. If my wife asks me if she looks fat I’d say…
a. Well, you do look as if you put on a few dear.
b. You’re beautiful to me.
c. Make an excuse, run away and don’t look back.
d. You always look fabulous honey even if obese!

9. I think the West is…
a. Inherently evil
b. Problematic, but has potential
c. The Khalifah waiting for OBL
d. Jannat on earth

10. I am Muslim because..
a. My parents are
b. I choose to be
c. Muslim girls are so hot
d. Pakistan Zindabad

11. I am single currently b/c
a. I love macking
b. I haven’t found the right person
c. I’m extremely picky
d. I’m waiting for my mom to find a girl for me

12. The place I’d rather be right now…
a. A penthouse apartment with impressive gadgets
b. A cool forest full of silent sunlight
c. A warm beach with lots of people
d. At an intimate dinner for two with my gf/ex

13. I want to marry you Jannah because…
a. Heck, you’re famous
b. Gee, you’re just awesome
c. I’m kind of desperate
d. I heard u got some bling bling