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Nov 11, 2013 - poetry    Comments Off

Inky black skies


Inky black skies and cold stars
Return my heavenward gaze.
Who is awake at this hour
But for I and the nightingale?
She sings for her love,
Heartbroken and forlorn.
I, I sing in silence, in hope
For dreams deferred and lost
Only whispered in hushed tones
Now silenced by the dew
Covering the rose.

Aug 25, 2013 - poetry    Comments Off

You are sleeping now


Sonnenlicht (Sunlight)


You are sleeping now
The love fills me.

Not an easy love,
Oh no;
A painful love,
An uncomfortable love,
A deep love,
An unconditional love.

One that I can’t contain.

A love that brings me
Instantly to despair;

A love that makes me
Shine like the sun.

Again I look at you

My heart fills.

May 12, 2013 - poetry    Comments Off

Monsoon Moments

Once more the monsoon winds blow and I remember you,

once more the leafy anklets chime and I remember you.

All day I was lost in the maze of worldly affairs.

Now when the sun climbs down the walls, I remember you.

Once more the crow calls in the empty courtyard at home,

once more the drops of nectar fall – and I remember you.

Once more the herons cry in an ocean of green grass,

the season of yellow blooms has come – and I remember you.

At first I wept aloud, and then began to laugh.

Thunder rolls and lightning flashes – and I remember you.


Nasir Kazmi (1925-72) Translated from Urdu by Debjani Chatterjee