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Things to do for Eid!

Yayyyy Eid is almost here and as usual the conversation goes something like this:

me: wat are you doing for Eid?
friend: I dunno, what are you doing?
me: I dunno, nothin.
friend: me too. let’s do something.
me: Ok, What do u wanna do?
friend: I dunno, what do u wanna do?
me: I dunno, what is there to do?
…. etc!!! :)

And there’s no doubt Eid gets extremely lonely for converts and single ppl :( So here are some suggestions on things ppl can do:

1. Definitely take the day off from work and school! Otherwise it will feel just like another day. Also, dress up!!

2. Find some recent converts in the community and invite them over for lunch (or eat out somewhere).

3. Look for some not so well-off families in the community (kids whose father’s are in jail,etc), buy some presents for the kids, wrap them and bring them over to their house on Eid day!

4. Spend some time baking some yummies and bring them with you to the Mosque on Eid or the night before to share.

5. Have an Eid party at your house. Invite friends to come back to your place after the Eid prayer for lunch.

5. Go shopping and spend some Eidi!

7. Go to the movies?

8. Do some things that *you* really like to do! Like just for yourself. ie read a nice book, take a bubblebath, laze around the house, go for a walk, go to the park.

9. Help organize a community Eid dinner or kid’s Eid party in your community!

10. If all else fails…Go somewhere else for Eid. Go visit friends or family in a different city to make Eid more exciting ;)

Happy planning and an early Eid Mubarak to all :)

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Tips on how to lose weight

So when I first started working I gained weight because hey you’re sitting at a desk the whole day and u have a corporate credit card paying for all your meals. Man those were the days.. Yum. Well since then I’ve been trying to lose some weight and have found some good methods. My only problem is that whenever I get in a depressive mood I just think ‘ok whatever no one cares what i look like’ and just eat everything for a week! But for the most part, it’s stayed off and when I do want to lose weight it works.. So here they are…

Weight Loss tips

1. First you need to make yourself have a deep desire/burning motivation to lose weight. Look at all the fat pictures of yourself. Look at all those magazines with size negative 0 models in pretty dresses. Watch Indian movie videos of skinny girls dancing. Whatever. You just need to make sure you’re not wishy-washy about it otherwise it won’t work!! OK, so you really want to lose weight and you’re sure about it?….

2. You have to eat a good breakfast. Like a good bowl of cereal, oatmeal or toast. This is really important because it makes you less hungry during the day and balances your nutrition off. Some ppl go to the extent of saying you can eat whatever you want at breakfast because you end up burning it off during the day that’s how important it is.

3. If you’re like me, you just need to munch when you’re doing stuff…like watching a movie – potato chips are a must. Doing stuff on the computer, drinking soda is a must. So instead: Start eating healthy snacks. This is good for when you’re hungry between meals too. Healthy snacks means under 100 calories and low fat. Examples… some crackers and a hungry cow wedge, sliced apple, a bowl of dry cheerios, apple sauce, a small yogurt, a nectarine, some cherry tomatoes, watermelon, baby carrots, etc.

4. No soda. Yeah it hurts at first but you can do it. When ppl drink soda your body thinks it’s drinking water! It doesn’t know you’re drinking fat so it never works to burn it off! Not to mention all the unhealthy aspects of it ie aspartame, losing calcium for ur bones, teeth problems. It also makes you want to eat more sweets. Avoid even juice because it’s almost all sugar. Drink only water when ur thirsty. In fact, drink lots of water all the time. A lot of times we want to eat something but it’s only that we’re thirsty. If you really want something to warm you up some green tea (no sugar) is nice too.

5. Cut down rice and bread. Yeah sux. But we eat wayyyyyyyy too much white rice and bread. Yes, you could go whole wheat and brown rice but just cutting down is easier and helps alot.

6. The typical picture of someone dieting is someone eating gross salad day after day. That totally put me off dieting for ages. But what we need to do is figure out what kinds of ‘healthy vegetables’ we like. You don’t need everything. Maybe for a lunch salad you like carrots and cucumbers one day, spinach and tomatos another. Stay away from dressing unless it’s like olive oil or extreme fat free vinaigrettes cuz ranch or whatever is the same as eating a hamburger sometimes!

7. No chips. No cookies. No cake. No donuts. No desserts. NONE. That’s right you’re on a DIET to lose weight. You just can’t eat this stuff, not even a little bit of it.

8. Find a “one indulgence” that you can use to reward yourself for exercise or doing well with ur diet…ie 2 squares of chocolate, a biscotti, tiny bowl of low fat vanilla ice cream. This is a reward only.

9. For dinner, try finding some soups, salads, fish… or if you have chicken or something eat only an extremely small portion. After dinner stop eating. If you’re hungry after dinner eat only fruit.

10. Fast at least one day a week. This is not to lose weight, bc as we know fasting does not help you lose weight! But fast for discipline and more energy and with the intention of becoming more of a zahid in all aspects of your life.

11. Don’t eat out. Yeah this is hard if you have a lot of friends that love to go out and eat as part of fun. And it is fun. But everything on those menus is pure fat. I mean they’re even fighting to keep trans-fat! There’s so much hidden stuff you don’t know about. Sometimes ppl order a meal not realizing it’s 3000+ calories! or a dessert (1200 calories)!! You’d really be shocked. If you’re absolutely going out, get that book ‘what not to eat’ and check the restaurant you’re going to and try to find the least damaging thing.

12. Read those nutrition books. Go to the library or buy one. They really educate you on how your body works and what foods are full of fat, what’s a healthy snack and so on. I really learned a lot by reading just one book that changed how I think about food.

13. Take vitamins. I’m not sure how this works, but vitamins seem to stop me having cravings for stuff. You know how pregnant mothers have cravings and ppl say it’s because the baby needs some kind of nutrition or something. I think it works like that. Take vitamins so you don’t have so many and also so you can’ t say ‘omg i’m starving myself,  i have to eat (that cupcake) to be healthy!’ Don’t worry ur getting everything you “need”! I used to get nauseous eating vitamins not sure why but I switched to 1/2 a children’s one a day and that seems to work well.

14. Strangely, I found that de-cluttering all your stuff really helps somehow. Maybe because you feel more organized or cleaner, but it just does something, so get to work!! :)

15. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you have to exercise. Otherwise 1 to 14 does nothing. Seriously it just won’t work. 1/2 hour of *some* type of physical activity every day is what’s needed. Like walking on a treadmill, cleaning, gardening, vacuuming… something, anything active. You don’t have to do the same thing every day, but it has to be something other than sitting on your chair surfing the web (what i do everyday:P).

Well there you have it, your start to long-term weight loss and lifestyle change inshaAllah. Hope those help :D