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Jan 25, 2010 - writings    6 Comments

Not a democracy.

As you may (or may not) know, I try to post something every Friday. Just to spread things out a bit and in case I run out of things to say there’s always some backup for a bit! Now, I often have people that disagree with my posts, which I have no problem with (when it’s done in a rational appropriate manner). My problem would be when you make the disagreement personal (why do you think you know me, mr./ms. person on the internet?) or you ARE someone who knows me and write hostile things here on the blog (a person’s blog is definitely an appropriate place to attack them <./sarcasm>). Uhhhh? Can we say mental health issues. So basically I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. My website/blog/facebook whatever is not a democracy. You can’t write whatever you want here. It doesn’t belong to you. I run it the way I see as beneficial to everyone and myself. And if you don’t like it sorry, you are free to go elsewhere.

I know this sounds mean, but you see, I will be responsible for my actions on the Day of J. and I don’t want to be responsible for yours. If I see something wrong, inappropriate or not beneficial I will censor/delete/not approve it. I honestly can’t understand why someone wouldn’t and I’m sure if you thought about it, and you were in my place, you would agree as well.

So… long rant about my personal defects in the “guise of Naseeha”… delete. (delete “friendship” too) Inappropriate post about my personal life… not approved. Arguments and links that are pro-terrorism… banned. Anti-Islamic missionary post… delete. Reply on how Muslim girls in the west are all sl*ts… not approved. Detailed opinion of why everyone should take off hijab and why u think it’s not fard… not approved. Posts calling other Muslims Kafir… banned. etc etc. You get the picture.

So I’m just putting this out there. I know there are some Islamic sites out there where anything and everything is allowed. From inappropriateness, to outright attacks on people and I must add outright filth. Their philosophy is that ‘the cream will rise to the top’ and that these things will be weeded out by positive/negative peer pressure. Good luck with that. It does make for an active forum, but it also gives rise to clear Dhulm. Who will be responsible for it in the end? The poster? The others who participate? The moderator? The website owner? I’m going to say all of the above.

And I’m going to say that is what happens when there is no leadership, no clear vision, no values. Yes, a person in charge may make mistakes. They may err on the side of caution or liberality. They may not always be “fair” in your own subjective opinion. You may even be “right”, but your right may not be greater than the beneficial whole. Do you see what I’m saying? But without leadership and yes even censorship, things quickly dissolve into chaos, and as I mentioned wrong is put on a platform equal to right. And that’s something I’m not going to be responsible for.

Again, there are appropriate ways to dissent, disagree or even interact with someone you don’t like that I can totally be fine with. Learn them. Ok sorry to bring up this ugly underbelly of website business. But it needed to be said. If you have any questions on this, please let me know. Thank u, come again.

Dec 4, 2009 - writings    4 Comments

Sci-fi versus RL

I’m a big fan of sci-fi films, shows and literature. I love reading about fantastic futures, utopian or apocalyptic, about things like time-travel and scientific conundrums. In many movies there seems to be a point where the story changes, decisions are made, or fate intervenes. There’s a sliding subway door and the person’s life is completely different depending on whether they go through it or miss it. Data notices that there’s three buttons on the commander’s shirt and that snaps them out of the endless time loop that ended with the destruction of the Enterprise every time. It’s that moment the butterfly is stepped on in the past and everything in the future changes because of it.

Right now I know my life isn’t at the place where it’s supposed to be. It’s like it’s gone off the rails somewhere and is in this strange place. I have tried to think back over my life to figure out where I made the mistake. What could I have changed? Where is that one decision I made that if I could go back and change it, everything would be different. Then the following series of reactions would change the end result. But I’ve tried and tried and I can’t find one.

Every decision I’ve made, every step, path or choice, I can’t think how I could have changed it. Yes, I’ve made the wrong decisions, made mistakes I regret, hurt people along the way, not been up to par religion wise and in so many ways, but I can’t find that moment where I could have changed what I did and made a different decision. They were all made in the circumstances of that time and were the best decisions I could have made at the time, mistakes and all. I could not have changed them.

It’s like, thinking back, there’s this inevitable wave of life that has pushed me this far, to this point. Perhaps it is Qadr. It’s brought me to here. Even if I don’t like here, at least I have solace in knowing I couldn’t have done anything differently to get to any place else.

Real life, unfortunately, isn’t as cool as sci-fi. But I do wish there was a reset button where I could start all over again from the beginning! And maybe this time fate or Qadr would be kind enough to bring me in a different direction.

Nov 21, 2009 - writings    7 Comments

Signs You’re Getting Old(er)


Signs you’re getting old(er)…

1.- you remember when Salahs were ringtone free
2. – all kids under 10 call you Auntie/Uncle
3. – you’re not a Twilight fan
4. – you own clothes that went out of style and then came back into style!
5. – everyone at the Mosque prefaces your name with “Sister” or “Brother”
6. – you remember how married ppl were b4 they were married/had kids!
7. – 80s/90s music makes you nostalgic
8. – you’re not in touch with any of your high school friends
9. – you’re addicted to chai/coffee


10. – you need to sleep more than 5 hours a night


the ultimate sign…

11. – little kids won’t accept your friendship requests on facebook!

yes very sad… on a brighter note…happy birthday to my little sister who is now… the above too :)