Dec 7, 2012 - poetry    2 Comments



so many years have passed
and again i stand under this tree
staring at the river
passing me by

the tree, the same
i, from girl to middle aged
how did this happen
i ask myself

as i move a strand from in my eyes
carefully hidden white hairs
are never permitted to show

why didn’t you tell me
why didn’t you warn me O tree
that you would stay the same
and i and the world would change
all around




  • lovely poetry,maybe you would not believe that i was thinking same as i was watching some old trees that they were here on this same place when i was born and when i die they still be same,no change for them we come,grow and die they are same, for them time is slow reality is different life span is bigger,some times such seemingly unapparent realities ,when emerges, they rock us to our cores.

  • So true – I recently realized with a huge shock how much I’ve changed from the person I used to be, for better or for worse, and it’s so, so strange that I am not her anymore,