Nov 18, 2011 - poetry    10 Comments

Dark Thoughts

alone, always alone
between dark thoughts
and midnight reveries
is a place you never
want to be
a place between
nightmares and sweet
a place between
hope and despair
a place between
anger and repentance
you can’t escape
these dark walls
try and scratch
only to find they’re
painted black
no escape
grey clouds on
the horizon
heading towards
can’t be outrun
can’t be undone
empty soul
fill it quickly
yet there’s a
now it’s empty
hands upturned
asking for alms
eyes bloodshot
can’t even dream
won’t mercy do
no not yours
cryptic rain
yet running from
that don’t exist
yet leave imprints
a place that’s never
seen the light
because the candle
never glows
the eyes never see
the heart
can’t feel
except for
jagged pains
for something it
sought long ago
who cares now
the time is over
assasins on the
corner await their
puffs of cold air
upon their breath
freezing cold
journey’s end
narrow so narrow
this box
earth spills
footsteps heard
judgement awaits
no not yours
tears regrets
no avail
now there’s only
light delight
horizon filled
i’m with You*
and that’s
the only thing
i ever wanted.





  • Written a few weeks ago, was going to try the posting every Friday thing again but can’t think of stuff to write about??

  • Jannah i named you this, because i do not know your name anyhow a beautiful poetry.

    may ALLAH make you sooooooo happy Amen.

  • Ma’sha’allah, that was so beautiful Sis J! Haunting, deep and full of emotion. Awesomeness.

  • br mashhood jazakAllah khair ameen! wcoastbaba thanks…i like how it turned out… i kind of feel like wearing all black and reading it at a poetry gathering in a cafe in paris ;)

  • *jumps off a cliff*

  • lol… (you might want to unapprove that last comment in case people get worried and don’t understand our humor)… but thanks for the gothicness… is this a twilight thing or something?

  • Ps it’s interesting that you spelled it gr’e'y :)

  • lol i’m pretty sure u went thru a goth dark clothes sad poetry stage!! twilight did come out this weekend! i think some of the girls went, but i’m still trying to figure out the fascination with it?? and how do you spell grey?? gray?

  • Grey is the British way, gray is the American way :)

  • ahhhh my bad… those british ppl!! always trying to take over the world! but they can’t get away with this trying to take over our spellings…colour and doughnut and grey tsk tsk!! we will fight till the end for our donut!!