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So you guys remember that blog post talking about the best place for Muslims to live in the US? I think I found it!! It’s the DC area. I just visited this past weekend. I thought it was Muslim friendly in that so many Muslims live there and there were so many amenities. We went to the mall and saw at least a dozen Hijabi sisters, no joke! It was like Eid or something ;) There are quite a few Halal restaurants to choose from and there are so many Mosques and Muslim organizations. They have many Islamic programs going on for kids, students, sisters, adults. Plus being the DC area I’d assume there are a lot of gov’t related jobs. They weather is pretty moderate, they have seasons but not as bad snowstorms as us.

A lot of ppl who used to live up here have moved down to that area. I know personally at least 7 or 8 couples and 3 or 4 families just from up here! There seem to be a lot of young Muslim professionals, and young couples just starting families. Another thing is that ppl are used to Muslims around and don’t stare. A friend said their county is the most educated in the nation with the average education being a Masters degree! Where I was seemed mostly suburban, but the whole area is quite big and includes cities like Baltimore and Washington DC and cities in VA. It wasn’t as diverse as I thought it would be where I was but seemed diverse enough.

One problem is that they said it was expensive to live there. Rent is almost double what it is here. I also didn’t see a “Muslim area” where there were stores that sold food, clothes, books and things like there are in NYC and Chicago. There were a few that were very spread out. Traffic apparently is horrible and the average commute is pretty long because no one lives in the cities itself. I also didn’t like how focused on politics everyone was, but its probably part and parcel of living in the Capitol!!

I’ve been to other parts of the DC area over the years. I remember some MYNA conventions down there, I remember going down during the 90s for various protests in front of the white house. I went down with my family when I was like 14 and we saw the white house for the first time and various museums. I also went to one ISNA somewhere near the Baltimore harbor where we went out to dinner a few times which was really nice. I also went into downtown DC with a Malaysian sister once and we stayed at the Malaysian embassy which was a lot of fun! And I did go down there for a work trip one year.

I had a nice time though all in all and hope to visit again sometime!


  • Very cool! I have a cousin from the Indian side of my family and he has been studying at the Univ of Maryland for the last two years and he’s made a lot of Muslim friends through the MSA, so as far as the student life and Muslim activity is concerned in the Baltimore area, it’s pretty active ma’sha’allah. That is one thing I didn’t get to experience and now I’ve got a cousin who lived in India most of his life enjoying the American Muslim experience that I didn’t have! Not fair!

    Anyways, there is always going to be positive and negate things of course, but I always like to focus on the positive if possible :-) and from what you’ve told us and from what I’ve heard from this cousin, I like what I’ve heard of the DC area thus far. Glad you had a nice time!

    As always, Jazak’Allahu Khairan for sharing. I really love these posts where you’ve visited places, etc.

  • salam wcoastbaba, wa iyyak. i always wonder if anyone reads the blog anymore so thanx for the comment. yeah so true there’s so many schools around there! U of M, American Univ, Georgetown and Nova!!

  • wouldnt saudi be the best place to live if any?

    but i think its about yourself rather than where you live?