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Dear ‘Muslim’ Terrorist,

Dear ‘Muslim’ Terrorist,

A letter to a would-be terrorist.

What exactly did you think you’d be gaining? Like for real, did you think your name would be up in lights? Did you think people would think you’re the savior of the Muslim world or something? Did you think you were correcting all the injustices against Muslims in the world or even avenging them?

No you’re rather pathetic. First of all you did not think at all when you ‘concocted’ your stupid plan. Did you even bother to read about what Islam said about the issue? Yeah, don’t bother reading some lone crazy Fatwa someone like you with wack ideas and has no backing came up with. But did you even bother to ask a single real scholar of Islam? Like the hundreds and thousands of mainstream Islamic scholars out there. –Guess what they say– That killing innocent people is Haram. Wow didn’t get that bulletin did you. What’s that you say, the whole world is against Islam, so it’s ok to kill indiscriminately. Yeah so why don’t you just kill yourself then (somewhere alone). You know why. Yes, it’s because killing yourself is also Haram in Islam!! Life is sacred in Islam and belongs to God, not people! Yet you still dare to go against that and do it to others?!

Anyways I just don’t get it. These young “Muslim” guys had so much going for them. They could have done so much to change society and the world around them. To spread the real message of Islam and justice. Justice does not come from violence. It doesn’t. Justice comes from change. Change in thought and ideas. And you cannot get this change by violence. Especially stupid plans like blowing up planes and killing innocent people.

Really, what did those five boys from Virginia get for traveling to Pakistan to supposedly join up with some ‘Jihad camp’.  Did they save the Muslim world? They destroyed five families and an entire community. What did the Ft. Hood shooter get? Nothing except probable torture and execution. Did he make a point? Besides that Muslims can’t be trusted anywhere. No he did not. The 7th July English bombers? The Mumbai bombers? Zip except a whole lot more problems for the Muslims in their countries. What did the ‘underwear’ bomber get. Nothing except a humiliating nickname and the same as above. Even if he had been successful what would he get? Nothing except a lot of hate. From every Muslim in the United States and every non-Muslim. Thanks a lot buddy. Every amount of progress we had made since Obama came into office just went down the toilet. What point were you trying to make again? No one has heard it because we now have to stand in line two hours more for every flight undergoing invasive full body scans at every airport thanks to you! Now every innocent person from 13 Muslim countries will endure more hardship because of you. Now every single person in Yemen (an entire country! and not even your country!) will suffer because of you.

This kind of “Jihad” just does not work. It does not help our brothers and sisters dying every day in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine and everywhere else. It just doesn’t. A terrorist might think they are bringing the oppression over there to the forefront of people’s minds here. But it’s actually just making them feel more justified. The “threat’ is what made them go over there in the first place and you are just adding more proof to their argument. Did the “vengeance” you caused make them sit down and chat about making things better for Muslims? Or did it allow them to cause more oppression?

How did the 9/11 terrorists help Muslims? By killing 3,000 innocent lives (which BTW included some Muslims) and then by causing the killing of hundreds of thousands of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan and Gaza. Yes, all justified by 9/11. Who is to blame if your action causes great tragedy and injustice. They might carry it out but it is YOU who caused it by your stupid wrong actions. You must understand, this is not a level playing field. It may be unfair, but Muslim blood is cheap. And others’ suffering causes them to seek vengeance upon us tenfold. Terrorism as a strategy does not work. It will never bring about the justice we are looking for.

See it’s like that movie Umar Mukhtar… the colonizers were there all raping/killing and the Muslim army captures two as prisoners and one of the Muslim soldiers wants to just kill them. He raises his gun and Umar Mukhtar puts his hands over the rifle and pushes it down. “We do not kill prisoners” (an Islamic principle), he says. Well “*They* do it to *us*!” is the answer. Umar Mukhtar says, “They” are not our *teachers*!

Do you see? They are not our teachers. See we EXPECT retartedness from them. We expect wrong and evil and oppression. This is expected in the world. A lot of people do not like justice or fairness or the way of life that is Islam. That is how it is. But how can we become them? How can we compromise our Deen taught to us by our beloved Prophet (s) and our Holy Quran. Can you imagine if you said to Muhammad (s):  Yeah they’re killing us so I’m just going to go over there and blow up a mall/plane/business full of innocent people… men, women, children, xtian, muslim or jew… doesn’t matter… it probably won’t even help our cause and just makes things worse…but who cares… i might be doing it out of revenge or because i’m depressed or messed up psychologically but hey…_I’m doing it for you._  Does that make any sense to you? Can you imagine what he (s) would say.

That you’re an idiot. Yes. Even worse… you are a person that does not think. And Islam, above many things, is especially a religion for those who think. We are taught to think about our actions and reactions and responses. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Actions = hereafter. Doing sins has a response, we’re accountable for it. The grave and dust is not the end of all things. “All this” means something. And one day we will see the truth of everything. So why didn’t you think? Why didn’t you think of the consequences? About whether or not you were actually helping Muslims? Why didn’t you think of better ways that can bring about change in this world? To show people what Islam is really about? To work on yourself first and become a better Muslim? To help the community around you and the larger Muslim community that is suffering… instead of making it suffer more? I mean can we not THINK as Muslims and come up with rational, real effective ways of helping Muslims overseas. Why can’t you do that instead of coming up with stupid irrational vigilante justice scenarios?

Some people sympathize with you because they think you had good intentions. ‘At least you are doing something to help the Muslim world.’ Wrong. Let’s talk about acceptability of an action in Islam. You need intention AND form. If your intention is good but your means are wrong then the action is invalid, not accepted and not rewardable. And if your means are wrong and cause more harm then that will reap only punishment. A terrorist who thinks he’s a martyr, is in the end just a terrorist.

I don’t even want to talk about what’s going on overseas. Killing Muslims left and right, blowing up Mosques, marketplaces, opposition leaders, a McDonalds in Karachi?? Really? Families eating at a McDonalds? I mean really? This is what you think will get you to Heaven? If a Muslim kills a Muslim one of them is not one. Who do you think God is going to choose: you or an old man who was praying in the Mosque? you or a little girl playing in the marketplace? Think!

Ok I’m done now. My anger is spent. It’s not even for myself. I expect this life not to be easy for a Muslim. We will have hardships and challenges and we will have to live through them and gain our resolve and fight for justice in *thinking* ways. And in the end we may have to wait for our justice in the Hereafter. But it just upsets me that you would damage the name of our beautiful Deen and the image of Muslims. Another crime in so many crimes, and yet you still think you’re in the right?

Sincerely, your friend and fellow Muslim (as long as you don’t turn into a terrorist),



P.S. – This is an excellent lecture from a scholar for you to watch called ‘Peace with the Environment’. Especially the question answered on terrorism at the end, watch from 4min.37s here and continue in the next part.



  • Brilliant! I’m so glad you put it up here :)

  • I totally agree with you sister..by the way..in my country there were cases of burning churches. It is obviously not a right way of jihad by performing violence

  • Jannah’s taking names and kicking A**!!! Now thats more like it!!


    well written. Best line was “They are not our teachers.” Everything beautifully summed up in that single, one-line response to these maniacs.

  • Jannah, great post. I have to agree with Maverick, the best line was, indeed, they are not our teachers.

  • Salam Jannah! Barak Allahu feeki – straight on 100%! :)

  • What a cool post, sister.
    You have written what majority of us are having in minds recently.
    Keep posting innovative blogs.
    We respectfully agree with your views.

    Let us together try to change ourselves first to be a better muslim for a better world then.

    Islam is the faith of peace. No doubt. And jihad should be implemented well. With no distortion. The example of well managed jihad is what hamas is showing the whole world now. May Alloh gives the real Mujahideen victory. Aamiin.

    Regards from indonesia.

    : )


  • I really enjoyed reading what you had to say, and especially the video you had pasted ( not sure how else to describe it) on the bottom portion. Very intellectual, both yourself and the speaker.

  • Assalamu’alaikum sister,

    I like this articles, it show view of what is muslims and what is terrorist.
    I like Islamic article especially which talk about the misconception about Islam.

    See my new article with tittle of top common misconception about Islam http://blogayahtatun.info/2010/02/12/top-common-misconception-about-islam/


  • Thanks people for your comments :)

    Ayah, I wrote this article on The Top 10 Misconceptions of Islam many years ago. Enjoy.


  • Is it true that muslims perpetrated 911?I ask this one question because various wars have been unleashed based on this “fact” or “myth”.

    Have muslims set up their own independent research team to investigate the 911 allegations or are we asleep on that as well?

    Finally,I agree that all war on innocents whether from state or individual terror is to be condemned for what it is -barbaric.Killing innocent human beings and women and children is haraam-forbidden.

  • the article is well educative.true they re not teacher infact we must not take after them.but truly it hurt when i remember what was done to my fellow muslim.though i dont support terrorism.maa salam

  • i hope you guys know that alot of the things you hear regarding ‘Muslim terrorists’ is fake and being blamed on us. I think you probably know but just in case.

  • Dear sister,

    I think majority of muslim worldwide neglect those muslims in palestine, checnya, pattani, mindanao, iraq, and etc. OIC dont have army to protect them. Therefore Bin Laden and his network do the job for all muslim but somehow into the extreme. If all muslim around the world get our act together, none off these problem could happen.

    Welcome to the end of time.. we are in the great Fitna’. May Allah help and forgive us all..

  • Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    I am Amatullah @ http://www.stop0think.wordpress.com I came to this page while searching for some muslim blogs..
    Subhanallah your words talk on behalf of all our Muslim brothers n sisters..
    I liked the Umar Mukhtar part.. yes we do not learn from any outrageous people..we learn from what Allah and His prophet says.. subhanallah
    May Allah guide all of us.. and make people realize what exactly Islam is……ameen