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Eid journal


Thought I’d write an Eid journal similar to the Ramadan journals.

So on Saturday night I decided to have an Iftar for sisters at my house, since hopefully everyone was fasting. So I invited about 20 sisters from around the area and put up decorations and lights to get into that ‘eid spirit’!! I’m sure our neighbors are confused because our lights go up for one day in October and one day in december Wink We watched our old fashion-show/eid gala/mehndi videos and exclaimed over how fat/thin/young everyone looked and I made strawberry cake which I will post below Cheesy The rest of the pictures are on facebook. It was really nice but exhausting. Note to self: next party start doing stuff a few days ahead of time!

Then the next day I woke up at 5:45am, no mean feat considering I went to sleep at 3. Again missed that yelling at everyone to wake up in my house for Eid, running around, fighting over the bathrooms, hillarious tryin’ to get Eidi from each other and our parents all the years past since most of my family is now overseas. So got ready, went with the old style white/gold gararah which was kind of complicated. Got out my long winter coat and headed out sooo late. I don’t know why when I get up 2 hours early even it takes me forever. Of course, the car’s gas was on E. So we pulled over and I got out in my gararah and put in some gas. Got some interesting stares. Then clocked it at 80 up the highway and across the river to our Eid prayer site which is an old university armory gym place.

Both our Imams were missing and quite a few people who went to Hajj. There was also another Eid prayer on the other side of our area and another Mosque had done Eid the day before. (the usual community divisions there) So there didn’t seem to be too many people, very quiet. The khateeb talked about the story of Abraham and Hajer etc and at one point said, “LOOK AT HAJER, she went to find a second wife for her husband so he could have kids when he was old, WHAT WIFE WOULD DO THAT TODAY!!” and all the sisters section was like ??!! haha

Then we all went to IHOP this pancake place for brunch, but there were like 25 of us so we ended up having to be seated separately all over so it didn’t feel much like Eid togetherness. Then I headed back home and tried to sleep for a few hours. In the evening some friends had an Eid party at their house so we went over and had a nice time. Got home about midnight and realized it was 2007!!!

Ahlan wa sahlan new year, inshaAllah I pray this coming year is a good one full of khair for all of us. Ameen Smiley

strawberry cake


  • why is your car always on E??? I don’t get it…
    eid mubarak btw :)

  • Meh! I’m still in 2006. I’ll gather myself and enter 2007 soon Insha Allah =0D

  • cuz remember the gas station by our house is being remodelled so there’s nowhere to get gas except the troy route 7 one! thats like the only place i get gas and i only go there when i go to mosque/mooni’s etc and KHAIR MUBARAK

  • Aww poor you. Pretty gas deprived huh =0P

  • mmmm that cake looked good…:)

  • u shoulda came up a day before labs!!!

  • Yummy…Strawberry Cake ;)

  • shazi i know u’ll be ecstatic to know that the mobile station re-opened so now i can get gas and not be on E all the time!!!