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Enter badman…

I think these guys are incredibly hilarious so had to share them here. Reminds me of our old MSA/MYNA skit days and even way back to the Blair Khan Project and Ghandagee etc. There are still some funny MSA type skits on youtube going on and of course Azhar and Allah Made Me Funny tours too, but it’s been awhile since something edgy, fresh & quality came out. Good stuff all around :D

Warning: There’s music/girls in the videos and some not so perfect stuff, so don’t watch if you feel you’ll be offended. Don’t watch if you don’t have a sense of humor or don’t like British humor.

If you only have time for one #3 the Eid one is my favorite ;) Also a little key for some of the British slang:

“blud” “bledrens” = dudes
“safe”=cool, bye
“wahgwan/wag1″= wassup
“buff”= good looking
“butters” = ugly
“bare” = very, a lot
“079 me”= call me

The End… and if ur interested here’s an interview with Humza Arshad, the badman himself!

Safe =)


  • Sis J! I was just thinking that you hadn’t done a post in awhile (oops, I see you did one 6 days ago, but anyways)! , Just wanted to leave my customary comment, lol. I am really enjoying the videos and they make me laugh even after seeing them multiple times! Yes, they are not perfect in terms of the Islamic values, etc, but I think that is a reflection of all of us or the reality, if I can put it that way. In the end though, he has had good lessons and from what I can tell, what he portrays is pretty realistic as far as the British lifestyle, the crowd, etc.

    Anyways, good idea to share this here.

    • ws thanx for ur comment bruv!! agreed that no one is perfect and it’s definitely a reflection of the kids these days. i think the vids are hilarious. safe =) haha i luv british slang now….

  • I know right!!!?? he’s so funny but incredibley stupid! lol btw ur site is adorable!!