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Most people around here say Fall is their favorite season. Yet, I really don’t know why? Once, a secretary at a company I worked at happily chirped, “I LOVE Autumn! It’s my favorite season! I look forward to it all year!” When I asked her “Err…why?” She said “It’s just so cool and crisp! The leaves under my feet! I love it!” Uh huh. I think the rule book of common decency says you have to be from bonney ole England or have a six-figure trust fund to say ‘Autumn’, otherwise, it’s just not allowed! :P I said nothing however because she seemed enraptured! :)


I have to say I really don’t like Fall. It just represents all manner of bad things. :-^ Fall is when school starts up, unless you love school in which case you need help. ;) If you’re a teacher it’s even worse.  Back from fun holidays, up to your eyeballs in lesson plans trying to teach bratty kids who forgot everything you taught them the year before! Yeah it’s great. ;) Unless you’re a parent, then it must be a happy and joyous time, except for the $chool $hopping. Then it must hurt. :)


So the college students have moved back in, there’s never any parking, weather has cooled, cold rain has started to fall. Signs of the misery to come… our cold and dark winters. But these are just signs….like impending signs of great doom! Yeah, just kidding. :) It’s really not that bad. The leaves ARE very pretty in different colors. Some years the colors are just spectacular and everywhere you look is just so beautiful. The weather IS much more bearable. Taking walks can be nice. Driving to the country or Vermont is pretty breathtaking. We sometimes go apple picking, which upstate NY is famous for. Mmm sweet yummy apples straight from the tree. They also have these cider donuts which are sooo amazingly yummy. Just thinking about them can give you a sugar rush.


Then there’s Halloween! I have a lot of great memories of Halloween. We dressed up every year and went around with our friends. Yeah our parents didn’t know any better lol. I don’t think I’d let any kids still do this cuz it seems pretty dangerous nowadays and the connotations around the whole holiday are kinda shirky. But I still can’t be like one of those ppl that turn off all their lights and don’t answer the door or worse yet come out and tell kids that Halloween is Haram! and to go home! So I’m the only one in the house that will go and buy candy. (Yes it’s true we only get a few kids and I eat the rest! But see how kid friendly I am ;))


Also, Fall is like when you have to take stock of your life….where have you been, what have you been doing. It’s like a mental resume life evaluation. Why Fall? Because Winter you’re just surviving with everyone else, doesn’t matter what happens there, Spring you’re making plans for the future, Summer is just having fun. So Fall has to be the responsible one. Pretty painful that part. BUT… Fall has a trump card.


Yup! It’s Thanksgiving. Not that we “celebrate” it, but we do have big dinners with family and friends and everyone gets together, mostly it’s because everyone has it off. And who doesn’t love a 4 day weekend, which is actually a 6 or 7 day one because no one does any work Thanksgiving week! AND…HALAL Turkey!!! Mmmm nomnomnommm This brings me to the most important question and conclusion of this remarkable essay:  Why don’t Halal stores sell Halal turkey at any other time of the year?


So there you have it, my schizophrenic thoughts on ‘Autumn’ ;) Unlike some ppl, who we won’t name *cough se7en *cough, I actually update my blog at least seasonally.

OK then, Happy Fall everyone :D



PS. I also hate squirrels!



  • Growing up I loved Fall, a new school year, not that I loved it, it’s inevitable, but a new year felt like a fresh start, new supplies. Also my birthday is in October. The weather, Thanksgiving. Now here in Egypt, there’s no fall leaves really, yea the weather gets better, kids go to school, my dbay’s of course the same…I guess I still love Fall but I miss the leaves changing.

  • salam, v interesting mona, everyone who moves to a non seasonal climate seems to say that they miss the leaves :) but they never mention if they miss shoveling 6 feet of snow… i wonder why? ;)

  • ouch you are right I have to update. but why you dissin one of my favorite seasons!? I never knew you had this inner hatred for such a beautiful season. I love it for that crisp, clean wind – it just fills up your lungs and makes you feel so alive. And it somehow is a time for reflection and introspection, which doesn’t always have to be depressing!

    • i think u been away from amreeka too long; it’s not that great! & if u want cold air in ur lungs come here in january… mmmm freeze ur insides up ;) true doesn’t have to be depressing, yet it is :(

  • I feel like after this post I’m going to get a lot of angry leaves sending me hate-emails, and turkeys throwing rocks at my window ;) Heyyyyyyy u can like Fall all u like guys!!