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Fashion Exchange Parteee

Yesterday we had a ‘fashion exchange party’ at Raz…elle’s house. Basically everyone who comes should bring 5 or more almost new items that have been washed and pressed to the party. We then set all these things up around the room on hangers. We had over 100 things! Cute long shirts, pants, skirts, pretty tops, little jackets, hijabs, jilbabs, whole desi lengha outfits, sweaters, purses of all sizes and colors, even some boots and shoes! Each had its own little area or section. It was definitely a boutique in there!

Those who came early got to ‘preview’ the items, trying stuff on, checking out what was available. Then once everyone was there, we put folded pieces of paper with numbers on them into a bowl that everyone had to pick from. Once everyone picked their number randomly, the #s were the order people could choose items. (We had 15 girls.) So #1 and #2 went up and chose the items they liked and tried them on, then #3 and #4, etc, and we kept going around from there 2 at a time till we came back to #1&2 again and kept going until we had no more items left or no one wanted anything anymore. (We were supposed to go around based upon the number of items we brought but that didn’t end up happening so I’d recommend having a required least number of items each person has to bring because it might not feel fair to others if someone brings 2 items and brings home 20)

Since most of the girls were size 0s it was hard to find things that fit me, but I ended up with a few nice items including a gorgeous beaded jilbab, a pink skirt, a desi lengha outfit, a purse, a teal sweater dress and a cute smallish top. There were a few other items I was lusting after but others got to them before me, or they didn’t fit :( But I think it ended up that every girl got at least 1 or 2 things they really wanted.

It was actually a really interesting exercise and a great way of getting new things to wear without spending money and being too materialistic about it. We all have tons of things in our closet that are practically new or even are new! but we never wear or don’t know what to do with. What better way than to give it away to your friends and maybe get something in return. I’d really recommend people try this in their communities.

After everyone was done choosing, we put together all the items that were left to give to a muslim and non-muslim charity. And then we ate some great food and desserts and drank soda and lemonade that Razzle prepared mostly and hung out talking. Somehow the topic ended up on what girls find attractive in a guy. (Don’t ask me how it got there I don’t know either!) We ended up going around each one of us answering, talking, discussing, eating and laughing hysterically until about 1am.

To be quite honest I was really suprised by the answers. Every one of us had a different idea of what we found attractive. Different personalities, like quiet, talkative, outgoing, introvert, passionate, charming, different characteristics, everything under the sun, everyone wanted something different. Even like small little physical things I never would have thought of, like long/short hair/fingernails/artistic fingers/jawlines/veins/sideburns and so on. Just weird… maybe that does mean there is someone out there for everyone?? :D


  • woo! shopping rocks!

  • Hahah I think it would be hysterical to see you blog about some of what we discussed in our WhatGuysAreAttractiveToYou topic :-D.

    Back to shopping & this idea, I loved it! One flaw though, no one stepped up for a dance off which should be made mandatory next time or something haha.

  • I really enjoyed Saturday night fashion shopping and I am so happy with my cute outfits I found loool specially for skinny and model looool……………….and yeah I loved the discussion topic its the coolest topic and intersting facts about “…….” hahahahahahaa I am really amazed that each one of us has her own and some funny or strange criteria …..but seriously we should make it often and get more girlz and more outfits hahahahaha…..thanx Jannah for the intersting topic…..I really loved my criteria hahahahahaha;)

    I would really like to see more comments from the girlz…..

  • I totally wrote a new post after these comments about what ppl said in DETAIL…but again no names ;) It’s set to post in a week or so, so when it goes up you guys can help correct it because I couldn’t remember exactly what everyone said but I think it’s really important for guys to hear!