Nov 15, 2006 - for muslim guys    4 Comments

Gifts for ur Wife

Ok so a brother posted on my message board asking for advice on a gift for his wife for no special occassion from $50-100. So of course I made a top ten, just to help the brotha’ out u know… he’s learnin’ … anyone else got any suggestions just post!!! () is more explicit in case u need more detailed help!

1. Picnic to scenic location with basket of gourmet pre-prepared food

2. Beautiful flowers delivered with a poem (roses & pablo neruda)

3. Jewelery (diamond pendant necklace)

4. Suprise reservations to a nice restaurant

5. A nice new designer perfume (like Romance or all Chanel mini set)

6. Jewelery (Tennis bracelet)

7. Favorite Quran reciter/lecturer full CD set

8. Lindt Chocolate Assorted Truffles

9. Bath and Body Works Set of Lotions and stuff (honeysuckle is nice)

10. Jewelery (Earrings)


  • maybe its me or not…but i perfer acutally quality time with my man rather than a bath and body works set

  • awww that’s so sweet adi ;)

  • Are you sure a diamond pendant necklace is in the $50 to $100 range?

    Anyway, here are a few more suggestions:

    1. Write a poem yourself, about her. It doesn’t have to be a literary classic. The important thing is that you wrote it for her.

    2. If there’s something she collects (for example batiks, or CD’s by a certain artist, or whatever) get her one.

    3. Wait til she goes to visit her mother or sister for the day, and clean the house top to bottom.

    4. Organize a surprise party for her birthday and invite all her old friends, even the ones she hasn’t seen in years (I did this for my wife’s 30th birthday and it was a huge hit. She cried all the way through).

  • Oh, and one more thing for guys with children. Getting something for the baby, while nice, is NOT the same as getting something for your wife. – Wael