Aug 3, 2006 - for muslim guys    3 Comments



Ok is it just me or do guys have huge expectations these days??? They are lookin’ for a blonde aishwariya lookin, home cookin’, hyderabadi, doctor lawyer martha stewart home-maker or something equally non-existant? I mean there are girls of all types, of all looks, of all shapes and sizes. All kinds of professions and backgrounds and families and social status.

Instead of looking for perfection… why don’t they concentrate on looking for deen and good character? I mean all these other things are so changeable in our world, ppl gain weight, they lose weight, they sometimes look better after marriage, look worse, whatever. But a girl with good character and deen will always be that. Wouldn’t she make a better wife and mother than someone who was whiter than paste and graduated from Stanford??


  • Yea..and you know a girl like that,what role will she have in your life if she is a workaholic..
    the girl with huge amount of makeup on you see down the street..when will she have the time to take care of things that actually matter..
    looks matter..true story..but you need deen too

  • lol couldnt help myself from asking,
    lol what do you have against hyderabadis ;)

  • nothing, i especially like that hyderabadi biryani ;)