Jul 12, 2010 - news    2 Comments

Hey you…:)

Salams blog-reading-ppl (yes all 3 of you!),

Someone just reminded me that ppl actually read my blog and that I didn’t post anything this Friday. I figured the special july 4th post would count and, well…for the other two of you, I couldn’t think of anything to write about! Now I’m just tired, I think I’ll take a little break from consistently blogging every week and we’ll see where it goes from here eh?

I think I may have spent a little too much time writing this year instead of trying to get a life and stuff, so let me try to do that pre/post Ramadanish…In the meanwhile please check out the archives, there is a lot of good content if you want to explore :)

Take care iA!



  • Salaams Sis! Hahaha, yeah, get a life, lol! We’ll see you later then . . .salaams to the family/near and dear ones – especially that awesome lil sis of yours – oh great, here comes the chapal. . . . :-P

  • lol love the picture :). your blog rocks.