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I read this little essay/love letter/epiphany/reflection-not sure what it is really… going around the interwebs recently: The interesting thing is all the comments were like ‘this is a fantasy’ ‘what is this garbage’ ‘no one has relationships like this’. Well perhaps true. But I like the sentiment and feeling evoked. Perhaps not everyone will achieve this romantic kind of love, but they feel kinds of it from their parents, their friends, their children, even from Allah (swt). Everyone deserves love. And everyone should believe they DESERVE love.

Allah has love for each person, regardless of the gravity of their sins. Regardless of their actions and thoughts toward Him. Every day we say ‘Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem’. Many scholars believe one of the names here is a general Rahma translated as MERCY, COMPASSION _AND_ LOVE towards ALL creatures, Muslim or non-Muslim. The other is a specific love He has for the Believers.

So Allah (swt) does love us. How happy is He when we turn to Him, even in our darkest hours of despair. We are showing our dependence and trust in Him. And that is returning our love to Him.

Reading about Muslims and non-Muslims who have committed suicide recently is truly heartbreaking.

Both Reem and Jacintha lost the faith they both should have had as a Muslim and Catholic respectively. I am sure mental illness and extremely desolate circumstances added to their despair.

We always need to remind ourselves that Allah does not test us more than we can bear. That there is relief with every hardship and that this life is only temporary. Allah does love us despite any horrible things we have done or have thought or the difficult circumstances of our life. We need to hold on to that love and never let go.

As Sh. Suhaib Webb recently tweeted, “While there’s life there’s hope.”


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