Oct 16, 2007 - writings    4 Comments

How curiosity killed the cat

Well, I did it.

Something no one should EVER do.

One day while randomly surfing the internet I ended up on myspace and there it was.

Look up alumni and friends. School: Year of Graduation:

So I did it.

And there they were my old 90s big haired friends. The ones I went to school with from the first grade. The ones that shared Madonna, leg warmers, the goonies, sign-in books and garbage pail kids with me. The ones I hung out with in the library and cafeteria and shared international club trips to montreal with. How amazing. They’re still alive out there.

Many are still around in the area which makes me wondrous at the thought we might have passed each other by at the local grocery store or mall at some time or other. Most are married and parents of numerous children. Most depressing (sigh). A few have accomplished some interesting things. One became an artist in NYC that does portraits and works at the guggenheim. Another is the CEO of a popular mp3 music player. The most popular girl in school ended up as an Epidemiologist with an added dash something to her last name. The boy I had a crush on in 6th grade is pictured at a wedding with a receding hairline looking quite older than I would have thought. The girl who always dressed goth with piercings is wearing pastels and has 4 adorable boys with biblical names. The artsy girl who starred in all the plays is now a lawyer. My old best friend who was always anti-establishment is buying a house and sending her first child to school. My friend who said she never wanted to get married because she wanted to be a doctor is a surgeon and just had twins. The pro-athlete boy who did all the sports is holding a little baby all in pink. And is an engineer. Working at GE!

Amazing. Yet kind of depressing. Disturbing.

Don’t do it.

You’ll be much happier thinking of them as they were, as your good friends as kids and leaving their memories where they were.


  • Salam,

    Khair, it IS interesting to see where everyone has moved on to isn’t it :) Most of the ppl I knew are still in the city and its always interesting to bump into them here or there and hear about how the others are doing… haven’t done the facebook or myspace looking up thingy yet though :)

  • salam,

    Looks like,they all changed for the better-)


  • It’s depressing because when we were kids we had all these dreams and ideas. We were going to travel and write and create and explore and change the world and do all these things. And I liked to think that even if I wasn’t able to do all those things, the other people in my class that I grew up with were out there doing all those great things. But instead, with few exceptions, they’re overwhelmingly ordinary 9to5 job goers still in this area working for huge corporations or soccer moms.

    THAT is depressing.

    So I’m just going to pretend I never saw anything and that all my childhood friends are somewhere out there fulfilling their dreams.

  • hahahah what a funny post! Life is intresting…it never turns out the way we dreamed it , In middle school i dreamed i would be a famous fashion designer right now…and married traveling around the world….But i guess god has other plans, and INshallah theyll be just as good.