Dec 12, 2006 - music/pics/videos    2 Comments

India(na) Jones…


This is actually the first video I made. It’s on my trip to India, previous to Hajj. It’s rather long but someone out there might be bored one day so enjoy :) Turn up volume to hear the narration.


  • Heh cool. I wanna get a helmet cam and do a video of me biking in the mountains one of these decades. =0p

  • That was a wonderful presentation. It’s nice to see a slideshow that shows India as it is and not as Americans want to believe it is. While is a country full of contrasts it is also, I believe, a country full of history and culture that we in the western world tend to overlook. I hope one day to be able to travel to India, but in the meantime, slideshows like yours give a little taste of the beauty and culture it has to offer.