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Islamic Retreat in the Adirondacks

Updated for this year!!!


DATES: June 10th – June 20th, 2012

TEACHER: Sessions will be taught by Sh. Mokhtar Maghraoui.

Click here for more information and to register online: http://www.jannah.org/retreat/


  • Mashallah, sounds like its going to be a great event. Shaykh Mokhtar is an amazing man, May Allah azawajal forever increase him, ameen. I’ll be in Virgina for a suhba with Shaykh Nuh (May Allah azawajal be well pleased with him) from Jun15-18…. two great events happening at the same time, nice :)

  • Awww… cool enjoy the Subha inshaAllah!!

  • Assalaam Alaikum.
    I wanted to thank you for this wonderful site. I must say that I claim no specific religion as I don’t agree with the Christian view of Jesus (may peace be upon Him) nor the tendency of so many to look for God only on Sunday, I am not Jewish as I don’t know enough about the religion and don’t agree with their view of Jesus (may peace be upon Him) and I am just now looking more in depth at Islam.

    My search of Islam, at least a deep look, began because I am writing a paper for a college critical thinking course and chose to title the paper “The Christian Jihad.” While I did not know a lot about the Islamic faith I knew that the comments regarding intolerance and hatred of the faith were false and unsubstantiated. The only proof regarding this view lies in the few and the radicals that are found in every faith. The basis of the paper came when I heard a classmate discussing the current situation in the Middle East and he commented that “You don’t see Christians going around killing innocent people.” Well my first comment was “These are a FEW that distort Holy Scripture to fit their desire” and the second what “Ever hear of the Inquisition and the Crusades?”

    It has been a difficult search to find positive liturature on Islam, both in published test and on the web. I again thank you for both a positive source that uses the Qu’ran and Hadith (as well as other writings and sources) inwhich to source my paper and as a source that I may use to benefit myself in the teachings of Islam. There isn’t anything outside of Christian Churches in my area. There may be a single Jewish temple in the county. I must also make a short note that I attend a Private Catholic University. However the professor for this course is open to any view, was raised in Washington DC and has many friends which are Muslim.


  • mashallah nice to see a blog added to this site.

  • I wanna go :(

  • At 30 years old, Islam is pretty new to me and I think an islamic retreat would be a good introduction, how can I find information about retreats closer to London, England?

  • Why don’t more Muslims express outrage at the rantings and more importantly the terrorist acts that are carried out by Muslim extremists?

  • daniel there are a lot of things going on in england. check http://www.ukislamicevents.net/ go to your local mosque and you can find out about various stuff going on

    bob muslims do, have done, and have been doing until our voices are hoarse and we still keep going. the problem is, that no one listens to us!! it is not carried in the media. check out: http://www.cair-net.org/

  • Islamic retreats are the way to go for uniting the sexes which have been seperated for far too long by ignorance.Give me your sisters hand in friendship and i will give you mine. Protect it as i shall protect. if however it grows to love then subhanallah let it.allah is love.

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  • assalaam-u-alaikum sister mashallah do you have notes ?

  • My heart is aching because I cannot go this year :’( Thanks belong to Allah in all situations.

  • awww sad to hear that yusra… iA khair always a good time to go over ur notes and revitalize the retreat of last year!!

  • salaam,

    Hmm such a random selection of comments on this post!

    And yes, even though my last post was in 2007 the sentiment remains the same… I still wish I could go this year :(