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Luvyduvy stuff


Read this in a book and it made me want to cry. How Sweet!! Yes this is for u Muslim mens. At least do ONE of them, eh? K Thank u, come again!

PS and no i couldn’t find the guy version!!


Basically 100 ways to promote emotional happiness/reduce stress in women:

1. Make her coffee/ tea in the morning especially on weekends.

2. Leave her a note saying you love her

3. Give her a single long-stemmed rose.

4. Notice her new blouse.

5. Open doors for her.

6. Plan a surprise picnic.

7. Suggest going for a walk.

8. Tell her she looks as beautiful as the day you met.

9. Hug her when you get up.

10. Hug her when you leave.

11. Hug her when you return.

12. Hug her before you go to sleep.

13. Empty the dishwasher without being asked.

14. Notice and compliment her when she’s been to the hairstylist.

15. Open the car door for her, at least when you are going out.

16. Get tickets to a concert or play she wants to see.

17. Take a ballroom dancing class together.

18. Go dancing with friends.

19. Encourage her to see chick flicks with friends.

20. Hire a personal trainer and work out together.

21. Build a fire on a rainy day

22. Make a small flower garden for her.

23. Give her a windowsill herb garden.

24. Offer to help doing a tedious job in the kitchen.

25. Download or make a mix of songs she loves.

26. Have simultaneous massages.

27. Learn to give her a massage (without expectations of sex).

28. Massage her feet when she is tired.

29. Give her a gift subscription to a specialty magazine.

30. Take her to a craft show.

31. Give her a framed picture of both of you together for her desk

32. Take new pictures of her for your desk

33. Surprise her with baked goods or fruit salad for a weekend breakfast

34. Pull out her dinner chair at home and in restaurants and give her the best view

35. Give her a selection of exotic coffees and teas.

36. Take her car for a car wash or wash it yourself.

37. Wash the pots and pans after a meal and put them away

38. Give her a gift certificate for a manicure

39. Give her sexy lingerie

40. Take her to a flea market

41. Ask if she needs you to pick something up on the way home

42. Offer to do the marketing

43. Help put away the groceries

44. Tell her you love her.

45. Take her out for an ice cream cone on a summer evening

46. Give her a new novel by her favorite author.

47. Offer to fold the laundry

48. Get a small TV or radio for the kitchen.

49. Give her a selection of aromatherapy essences for relaxation

50. Offer to drop off or pick up the dry cleaning

51. Take a bike ride with her

52. Rent romantic comedies on DVD

53. Make breakfast in bed for her with the children

54. Set the table if she is making dinner

55. Send her an email saying you miss her

56. Take her sailing, canoeing, or rowing

57. Put your socks in the hamper

58. Take her to a museum (after getting a good night’s sleep)

59. Suggest taking her parents out to dinner

60. Give her beautiful guest soaps

61. Play tennis together

62. Make the bed every now and then

63. Frame a number of vacation photos or do an online album

64. Edit a birthday video for each of your children

65. Go fishing together

66. Start a charm bracelet with charms for special events or travel

67. Take her to a dog show

68. Give her a meditation tape

69. Ask about her day with specific references

70. Compliment her on her wonderful dress

71. Make a lunch date with her

72. Replace a burned out lightbulb without being asked

73. Pick up around the house when guests are coming

74. Take her apple or berry picking

75. Have a regular date

76. Take her for a spontaneous ride in the country

77. Hold her hand in the movies (not the whole time)

78. Thank her for loving you

79. Play cards with other couples

80. Compliment her on her cooking

81. Listen to the answering machine and write down messages

82. Take her to a fair

83. Toast her before dinner, no matter what you are drinking

84. Suprise her with a long-lasting orchid plant

85. Compliment her fod handling so much so well

86. Get an audio book for a long car trip

87. Periodically get rid of your personal pile of stuff next to the bed

88. Join a reading group or Internet seminar with her

89. Offer to start a dream trip fund

90. Give her luxurious bath oils and salts

91. TiVo her favourite shows if she is working late

92. Give her greeting cards or personal notes for special occassions

93. Compliment her on the beautiful home she has created

94. Be responsible for one dinner a week

95. Go on a hike in a nature preserve

96. Tell her she looks beautiful when she gets out of the shower

97. Take her to an art gallery

98. Give her a gift certificate for a facial

99. Ask her for a list of handyman chores you can do for her during the month

100. Offer to get your guests beverages when you entertain.

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