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North and South (2004)

Film: North and South (2004)
imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0417349/
length: 4 hours

Ok so just watched this…. it was amazing…….one of those period pieces where you are just swept away by the drama. It’s the story of Margaret Hale a young woman who is forced to move to a northern industrial town around the time of the industrial revolution. There she meets factory owner John Thornton and befriends the workers. It’s really a very dark sort of story that gets into the lives of all the people of the town and all their problems.

I really never thought there would be a hero as great as Mr. Darcy but Thornton as the dark and brooding hero is like amazing. Oh and you’ll cry a lot I certainly did! I have to get the book!! Guys won’t like it I think unless they’re like really British Wink Anyways if you liked pride & prejudice this doesn’t have that sparkling light quality of jane austen, and the heroine is not as likeable as lizzie, but it’s definitely great to watch! [thumb]

Cheers Smiley  Bebzi

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