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Salam dear diary,

yayyyyyyyyy im going to nyc this weekend.. i can’t wait…………. afghan kabob.. greenhouse halal chinese… shopping.. chinatown, 96th st, jackson heights here we come……..

i love to visit nyc but why ppl live there not quite sure…

i love chocolate

i want to marry someone who is poor and sweet and brings me raisinettes when im sick

i knowww

arghhhhhhh the last half hour before work ends sux..

someone named george bailey emailed me today……. get it .. it’s a wonderful life !!!

zuzu’s petalssssssssssssss

why are you reading this?? i will probably delete it soon because it makes no sense..

i said stoppppppp

why are you scrolling

tsk, tsk elmo said nooooooooooooooooooo

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