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Once upon a Moon

Once upon a full moon, a fair maiden walked a glade. Her robes silver  laced, her skin dusky rose. Her eyes jewels that shone ruby, sapphire,  emerald, her tresses a golden mauve. She came upon the river bank and saw  him all at once.

His steed pure white in the moonlight. His dark hair and eyes like  midnight. Bringing his horse closer he kneeled, and brought his palms to  his lips to drink. In the water a vision appeared and his gaze quickly  followed the moonlit path. She stood across the shore, still as a fallen  star, her bewitching gaze riveting him in place.

‘It is she’, he thought.

She saw recognition and surprise, and her lips curved slightly. She  stepped closer to the shore and lifted her hem, glass slippers she wore  and herlong dress weighed heavily. Her hands she raised helplessly.

‘Beloved’, she called ‘won’t you cross to me.’

The prince rose to full height and stared at the river’s quick and mighty  flow.

‘My love’, he said. ‘This path is treacherous and may take long. My  kingdom awaits me and to them I cannot abandon. The king and queen  perchance would not approve. For hair of purple you have, you know.’

Tears shone in her eyes as he mounted and turned. His back towards her as  he rode away into the moonlight.

The dream faded and changed.

She raised her gaze and looked around. In a Little Italy restaurant she  sat alone. Turning her head, she saw him hailing a cab, get in and pull  away into the dark night.

~~*~~*alternate ending*~~*~~

But this warrior’s heart was filled with courage and fire. He tied his  steed and stepped into the river. As he walked, the rocks pushed up under  his feet creating a bridge.

Reaching the shore he knelt down before her.

‘My beloved’, he said. ‘Love’s gift I cannot deny. Dragons I can fight,  if you are by my side. I love thee truly, you will see.’

Her eyes filled with tears and fell like drops of pearls on a silver  necklace.

The dream faded and changed.

In a Little Italy restaurant she sat. There upon the table was a black  velvet box. Fire and light burned from the ring that sat inside.

‘Will you?’, he said. Her lips curved and smiled. Her eyes turned to  jewels, her hair to well… purple.

‘My beloved’, said she. ‘I shall.’

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