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Paranormal Activity

Have you ever walked into a building, met someone, or been in a situation where you felt every hair on your neck raise up. You feel panic, or that something’s not right. Or just scared, even though the situation is a completely normal one? You just have that intuition that everything is not as it seems? Do you feel like whatever happened in the past in a place can be felt by people now? Does the past give off vibrations or nuances that can be felt by people now, by just walking into a room maybe?

As Muslims, we do believe there is a whole host of activity outside our own senses. Such as the world of the Angels all around us, recording our actions, gathering together, charged with various tasks. The world of the Jinn seems to be right here as well. Not to mention the space-time continuum recording everything. Even in the world of the heart there is so much going on outside of what we know. The Quran describes things like a dead heart, a struggling heart, an ‘angelic’ heart. Things like evil eye exist in Islam and are very real.

I read not long ago about a study where they had people stare at someone in a concentrating manner for a certain period of time and then noted down if the person turned around to look at them. Their findings were never conclusive but they noted that there did seem to be some kind of correlation between someone staring at someone’s back and them turning around.

I used to work in an old office building here in downtown. It was our ‘temporary office’ until our beautiful new green building was completed. This old office building was ordinarily enough next to a few clothing and jewelery stores. A restaurant was near the corner. We were given passcards to enter and leave when we needed to. Our hours were in various shifts and sometimes that would be until 9pm at night. There was just something about this building that was so spooky. None of us wanted to be there alone. Even in the early morning at 8am I would always be turning around looking around me. At night I couldn’t wait to get out of there. After some time we found out that this building used to be an old-world nightclub in the ’30s and was always filled with gangsters, famous politicians and beautiful women of the time. But what it was most famous for we found out was many ‘assassinations’ at that location of politicians or mafia. Laugh if you want, but when we walked into our new quarters we didn’t feel anything. The place was brand new, clean and didn’t give off any vibes. Call that ambiance if you will, but I still feel like there is a lot going on that we can’t grasp but we sometimes feel.



  • Yeah, that does sound kinda spooky. No such thing as ghosts, but perhaps there are still evil jinn living there from when it was a nightclub.

    Signs of the Last Day

  • Wasnt talking about ghosts but maybe a lasting impression of space-time recording or something! Dunno unexplainable really…

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