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Questions Women WISH they could really ask

Questions Women WISH they could really ask:

1. If u came home from work and there was no food and just a note that said ‘salaam honey I went to the halaqa at the mosque’ how would u feel?
2. Are you pro PDA or anti PDA?
3. How much of a mama’s boy are u?
4. Do you plan on changing me after marriage? If so, what aspects?
5. What kind of gifts would you get your wife, if any?
6. Are u unreasonably jealous?
7. Are u into the traditional role of the wife?
8. Would u be actively involved in raising the kids?
9. Are u a compassionate, romantic, kind person?
10. How many nights a week will u cook dinner?


  • i think women should ask those questions…but like the mamas boy one you gotta change up a bit maybe put a scenario and thats a bit hard to admit sometimes some men dont know that they are a mamas boy…. and Q4: you change after marriage, you need to talk about the TYPE of changing that you do…its another chapter in your life and with every chapter you hope to change, for the better inshaAllah. Q5-pretty hard bc they got to know you first not ALL women want gift baskets from bath &body works (like me ;) Q6- interesting question dont know how many guys will be true to that, and ya gotta analyze their personality …plus someone can always become jealous….mmmm never thought about that did ya…LOL….ok anyways….Q7 umm jannah what u mean by traditional role …cooking and cleaning….Q9—tough one, especially if they have NEVER been with someone, how do they know if they are romantic, some guys need to be taught want to do, and alot of times they learn from their wives, from what their wives do for them…..and how u going to ask someone if they are kind…u shouldnt be talking to him if he is not KIND…what the…..interesting…i like the questions… 2cents…

  • jeezzzzzzz labinsky how am i supposed to find out anything then if everything is all dependent on so many variables! but yeah they’re not really questions u can ask.. it’s like u wish u KNEW the true answer to these questions so kinda have to analyze or try to figure them out somehow Q6 we all know u want a day at the spa no need to go further there ;P

  • not the Albany muslim women! we’re pretty normal around here. everyone should visit! :)

  • Duh….of course the expression of one’s love and emotion is most evident while meeting with others.

  • Thank You

  • yeah i agree witj ya all brothers and sisters

  • hahaha love this post these are actually really important questions I think I will ask them.