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Ramadan Mubarak!


Just wanted to send a Ramadan Mubarak to all readers of the blog…

It’s dawn on Ramadan Eve and I’m just pondering on this year from last. It feels like so much has happened. Crazy snow winter, Texas in the Spring, not to mention The Arab Spring!, the Summer social season, friends, dramas, births, deaths. I think back to the words of my Khateeb on Friday who mentioned that some people that experienced Ramadan last year with us are not with us here this year. They have gone back Home he reminded us. No one knows if they will even make it from Ramadan to Ramadan. What a blessing indeed if we are able to reach its shores.

I can’t say I’m particularly ready for Ramadan. I still have so many things to take care of…like my car which won’t start! laundry, zakat. bills. I have like 5 baby gifts that I’m supposed to be mailing/giving to ppl. I haven’t even baked anything! And you know that’s just not right! [I'll have to remedy that...brownies? :)]

Ramadan is a month of duas, forgiveness, repentance, the Quran. Somehow at the end it always brings us closer to Allah, then we have to go back to our everyday lives. Kind of painful, but at least we have the month to take refuge in. So hopefully those things will take care of themselves and I can let the month transcend everything else.

I think everyone’s a little apprehensive about the fast this year because it’s the first time it falls officially in the summer in all of August. Our recent heatwaves don’t bode well for us. But indeed we can complain all we like, but the famine in Africa currently proves that we live in Mercy still.

I was staring at a bug today as it traveled on the bathroom tiles. I really wanted to squish it, but it reminded me of the beautiful Rumi story of the ant crawling on carpet. Through ups and downs and different colors, not realizing the beautiful weave of the whole thing. Just like our lives. I seem to meander and go from randomness to randomness but when I look back it all makes sense. And I see Allah’s signs and guidance throughout.

Just looking back I can think of some absolutely clear dreams I’ve had. I dreamt them in times that I never even thought those things were possible. I feel like maybe Allah was just trying to comfort me. I dreamt I went to Hajj before I did. I dreamt of Damascus before I went. I’ve dreamt clear dreams of other things that haven’t come to pass but still comfort me.

Yes this post is so random. I actually don’t have anything to say except Ramadan Mubarak! And I just wanted to post something public so ppl can stop asking me for the passwords of the last posts ;)

Ok then Ramadan Mubarak u guys!!

May Allah bless your Ramadan and make it a cause of Nearness to Allah for you.

Don’t forget to keep me in your duas!!




  • Aslam-o-Alikum

    Ramadan Mubarak
    this and next 12 years coming Ramadan all will be in summer rather peak summer season.

    my personal thinking is that Ramadan is to teach us, to be patient about things in life ,things we want to get or to accomplish or to be with us to enjoy,ALLAH teaching us to be patient and if we do not get them in this life we get them hereafter as we get food and water after sunset.

    This life and its sufferings or its comfort are not permanent,but rewards good or bad are permanent.

    In JANNAH there will be no summer no winter no illness no pain,our consciousness will be evolved and we will feel more, enjoy more,relax more,we will have things and there flavors will be more joyful,we will say we have seen them on earth but flavor is so much enhanced.there will new things to eat or see which no one even can imagined.

    just be patient for things which we want,maybe ALLAH give them here on this earth or may be ALLAH want to see how much patience we have and ALLAH will reward us for our patience in the form of JANNAH.

    On this earth we are only for one time,we never belong to this earth and we will never come back here, once we are dead,so this is one time journey.

    Nothing is permanent here, no joy no sorrow,no remembrance no waiting,no hope no despair,no fall no height,no success no failure.
    just be patient.

    it is my personal view one can agree or disagree.


  • walaikum salaam br mashood, you’re very right brother, very good points. if we see everything as temporary and that we are travelers, all our trials and problems seem a lot easier to handle and go through. may Allah accept our good deeds and repentance this ramadan. ameen.

  • Salamualeykum,
    I was looking for the contact button but couldnt find it so InshAllah this comment will find you. I recently began working on a new site and am looking to get the news out there to other muslims. I noticed you had a guest blog section and I was hoping I could get an opportunity to get a cross post from you on my Hajj Pilgrimage from last year. You can have a look at it at http://muslimgamer.com/hajj-pilgrimage-2010/ . I will ahev part 2 up in a few days inshAllah.

    • wsalam,

      that sounds cool bro.. definitely would be a nice cross post

  • Masha-Allah. Jazakum Allahu khair

    Something was pointed out to me recently -
    that everyone has pain in their life
    but suffering is a choice

    May Allah make us taste the sweetness of fasting and enter us into Jannah through ar-Raiyan, ameen!

    • wa iyyaki, ameen sister.