• MashaAllah!!! I watched the vid, you’re an inspiration! :)

    Btw, you put milk in your green tea?!? =0

  • Gross isn’t it ;0 But i like it!! lol

  • as salamu’alaikum! It’s pretty fascinating to watch the video mashaAllah, and I agree with the first comment: you’re an inspirashunnn! One thing that I’m curious about, is the last community center, the suburban one, in the video in MA? I think I recognize the lower hall with tables and chairs. By the by, please keep making more journals inshaAllah =D

  • wsalaam, no these are all 3 mosques in NY. that community center is brand new as in opened yesterday. the day i was in it they were still completing some work :)

  • my one word is….. sincerity.. ramadam al mubarak..to all..

  • salaam brother or sister i was just checking up on shawwaal and the fasts on you rsite it says reported in bukari?? but its not reported in bukari, its reported in muslim tirmidhi and abu dawud