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Road to Damascus 10 – Bosra Lake Resort

Description of Bosra Lake Resort

Boating on Bosra's Lake Resort

I forget the real name of this place but it was something interesting. I’ll check my journal and add it later. It’s basically one of those small lakes that Syrians jump upon and create a tourist mecca out of. Places like these are very rare in Syria so they build these whole little resorts around them with fancy restaurants, boat rides, horse rides and things. And the nice thing is that they’re very family oriented. My brother in law enjoyed getting back to his Texan roots by horse-riding. We had lunch here with our whole class. Don’t ask why but for some reason we ordered fish and then proceeded to take numerous pictures with said fish and said fish heads. We also went row-boating in groups. Sorry there’s not much here after I took out the personal pictures.

Link to the pictures of Bosra Lake Resort


  • Mmm fish. I love big lakes. Did you go fishing? I wan’t to try my hand at fishing sometime. Catch a big tuna or two =0)

  • Don’t you guys live near the ocean or something? You should try it! My dad used to drag us all to local ponds every saturday in the summers. We didn’t go fishing in Syria but I did see a number of people fishing from the ocean. Damascus though is pretty far from the ocean, they did sell some dried fish but we were a little worried about the freshness of it