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Road to Damascus 11 – Bosra Roman Amphitheater

Description of Bosra Roman Amphitheater

Roman Amphitheater at Bosra

The most famous thing in Bosra for tourists is the Bosra citadel complex. Basically it is an old Roman amphitheater which was fortified by the Muslims into a citadel. It was quite big and the time we went quite filled with school children on holiday. It totally reminded us of all the scenes in Gladiator!!

Our Ustadh (group leader) gave us a nice history which is on the video and we all walked around and took pictures in various places. Down in the center of the theater some of the students were performing the Dabka — a traditional Arab dance for weddings and special occassions.

The funniest thing happenned when we came out of the amphitheater. All of a sudden all these big black SUV jeeps rolled up with tinted windows and parked at crazy diagonal angles in front of the citadel. Soldiers got out and blocked off the entrance areas. Then the word was whispered and got louder… “Raees…. Raees!!” “The president, the president of Syria!!” More people came, gathered and stood around excited. Then after a little while two or three more fancy SUV’s show up and guys with rifles get out and stand guard… and then someone comes out. We were like that’s not the president?! Who is that… some famous actor, superstar? Then he comes closer and we realize they are dressed all Iranian. Then someone recognizes him: Khatami!! It was the former Iranian president. He waved and smiled and left with his entourage to enter the Roman theater. What a let down. Oh well at least he waved and smiled at us :)

Link to the pictures of Bosra Roman Amphitheater


  • So what used to be an arena for Gladiator fights is now filled with school children practicing dances for weddings huh. I wonder what the ancient romans would think of that lol.

    Did you climb up to one of those third floor balconies? Probably quite a view =0D

  • You know it’s kind of an eerie feeling being in those ancient cities. Wait till u guys see Palmyra… you walk around there and you feel like eyes are watching you from the past.

    Check out the first video Muslim… it’s a view from the top!

  • Aadhil i did have this urge to run out to the middle of the arena and yell out dramatically, “What we do in life, echoes in eternity!!”…. but luckily I refrained ;P

  • Thank goodness for that lol

  • Well now that I watched the vids, it was too noisy so it’s doubtful anyone would have heard you anyway :P