Road to Damascus 12 – Buhaira’s Monastery

Description of Buhaira’s Monastery

Monastery of Buhaira the Monk

THE most famous place in Bosra for Muslims is Buhaira’s Monastery.

The story from Seerah is that when the prophet (saw) was 12 he came here to Bosra with his uncle on a trading mission by caravan. Buhaira was a monk here who had knowledge of the old books. (Baa-hira in English.) He noticed some signs that this caravan was special. He saw the stones and trees prostrating and a cloud that continuously gave them shade. So then the monks invited the caravan to dinner here at the monastery. But when everyone was there, Buhaira knew someone was missing. “Is there someone else with you?”, he asked. And Abu Talib said, “No there is only a boy.” Buhaira said, “Tell him to come.” Then Buhaira asked who his father was and Abu Talib said he was his father. Then Buhaira said, “That cannot be.” And Abu Talib, though surprised, admitted that he was his uncle, and the boy was an orphan.

After that Buhaira looked for the ‘seal of prophethood’ birthmark and knew that the boy was the one foretold in the old books and prophecies. So he told Abu Talib, “This is the master of all humans. Allah will send him with a Message which will be a mercy to all beings.” Then he told Abu Talib to take Muhammad back because he feared for his safety. Abu Talib then sent him back with some servants.

Ahhh to be in that place, in the monastery!! It was such a cool feeling. When you go to Makkah and Madinah even you have to try to imagine, but here are remnants of what was. And you can imagine the monks hosting a dinner here and rasulullah coming as a small boy summoned and answering the monks questions. SubhanAllah.

Also here are some pictures of our guide showing us ‘the place where rasulullah’s camel kneeled’. The guys in our group definitely gave the guide a hard time over it. ie “How can it still be there 1400 years later, etc”. There are definitely marks there though and they claim it is a mu’jiza so Allahu Alam.

The video gives you a nice 360 view of the Monastery.

Link to the pictures of Buhaira’s Monastery

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  • I think I’d feel the shivers subhanAllah.