Road to Damascus 15 – Habib Ali Event

Description of Habib Ali Event

Habib Ali in Dimashq

For those of you who don’t know Habib Ali is a famous shaikh from Yemen. He is very charismatic and young people love him. Many students go all the way to Sanaa, Yemen just to study with him. He came to Damascus and it was a really big event. All the students were invited and it was held in a courtyard of some houses. Not sure who owned it. Everything was set up really nice and he spoke very well although I only understood bits and pieces since it was all in Arabic! I have a video that’s about 10 minutes of his dua at the end, but it’s too big to put on here unfortunately.

Link to the pictures of Habib Ali Event

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  • salaam, it took place in the courtyard of Sh. Farfour’s house, who is the present director of Mahad al-Fath (a Shari’ah college in Damascus), and his father was it’s founder. :)