Road to Damascus 19 – Ibn Kathir’s Madrasa

Description of Ibn Kathir’s Madrasa

Quran in Ibn Kathir's Madrasa

As part of our trip in Bosra we came to this oooold madrasa. It was Ibn Kathir’s school. Look at how cute the little door is. Apparently they kept them liliputian so that it would keep the heat out and the cool in. Once you get inside it’s dark and cool. We walked for about two hours in the desert sun before we got here and of course before that we were all over the amphitheater. We were extremely hot in our jilbabs and hijabs and sweating and dying of thirst. So as soon as I went in I went straight for the ‘zamzam tank’ (those big metal water tank things in every mosque, but never has real zamzam of course). Right after I drank a big metal cup of cold water, I sat down and took that video. And then it happened…everything started going black! I claim I didn’t pass out. Shaz said I looked unconscious. Whatever!! So lesson learned… when walking the desert ALWAYS have water and sip from it all day. Thereafter every trip we took we brought those 1 liter Boukein water bottles filled up. And man there were times when we were tromping around I’d drink 3 of those in a day.

Inside the madrasa there are two diwans or raised platforms on either side. One side was for studying and the other was for sleeping/eating. They also had these mini compartments for sleeping that were ‘dorm rooms’ for students. You can see a pic of that. The Quran in the pictures is a realllly old one. I forget how old, but it’s like 600 or 800 years old and in protective glass.

Link to the pictures of Ibn Kathir’s Madrassa


  • Wow is that a hand written Qur’an? I’d try that except i’m too scared about making mistakes.

  • yup it is… btw all quran’s are handwritten… even the modern one’s u see like yusuf ali… they’re like plates that are made up from the calligraphers writings and then used in the publishing…my quran teacher once told us about it… and if u look closely u’ll notice the same word in some places looks a little differently!

  • salaam, u totally passed out, it was really scary…

  • wsalam i did not pass out!! was i like flat out on the diwan noooo so obviously i didn’t