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Road to Damascus 2 – Aleppo Citadel

Description of Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo citadel from the street

Ok so Aleppo is this famous city north of Syria. It’s Arabic name is Halab. It’s quite famous in history for it’s souks and markets. I think Shakespeare’s play ‘A Merchant of Venice’ mentioned Aleppo, that’s how famous it was.

These pictures are of the huge citadel which is basically this huge mound of dirt that used to be what Aleppo was. The walls are still there and all around below it is now the modern city of Aleppo. The citadel is the heart of the city and is no joke. It’s big and you can easily imagine a whole little city thriving up within its walls. There’s a picture of a scale model in the museum there that shows how it would have been. Other pictures are of the awesome views you have of modern Aleppo from the citadel walls. Make sure to zoom in on the panoramic view of the city to see how spectacular it is. The day we visited it was 112 degrees farenheit. Yes we almost died.

There are some nice interior views of what was the original palace. I think it’s called the ‘throne room’ now. This was completely restored from the beautiful marble floors, to the intricate wooden ceilings and the fountains.

Aleppo also interestingly was designated this year’s United Nations Islamic Cultural Capital.

Link to the pictures of Aleppo Citadel


  • Another awesome insight

    Very nice capture of the lighting inside the buildings

    what was that “stage” setup used for? do you know?
    Jazakullah kheyrun

  • Hmm…I don’t know… might be something they built in current times for various culture shows or something…looks rather roman though could be pre-existing as there are a lot of roman ruins in this area.

    Wa iyyak!