Road to Damascus 21 – Khalid ibn Walid Masjid

Description of Khalid ibn Walid Masjid

Khalid ibn Walid's Masjid in Homs

Khalid ibn Walid was called the “Sword of Islam” by the prophet (s). He was the greatest Muslim General in history. He opened Syria to Islam and is revered here as he chose it as his home for the last years of his life and died here. His Mosque is Turkish in design with these silver domes and looks cool at night when it is all lit up. The whole thing is built in a park which reminded me of palaces/mosques in India. All around were kids and families picnicking. There were drink stands and yes cotton candy and ice cream guys. They also have stands of beautiful stones, precious gem stones and I bought a number of them on behalf of a friend who was going to make jewelry from them.

To stand in front of his Qabr and pray is an overwhelming feeling. Just to know that you were in front of one of the greatest men in history. I don’t think I was ever so scared in front of anyone’s grave.

That big stone monument is actually a sword that curves, which is how they say Khalid ibn Walid’s sword was like. On it are the last words of Khalid ibn Walid. Something along the lines of: I have participated in hundreds of battles and now I am dying like an old man in my bed. Our teacher said that the reason he died like that and not in battle is that Allah did not want our greatest warrior to be shown to be defeated on the battlefield. SubhanAllah. And of course we know there are many who will die on their beds Shaheed.

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  • jazakullah kheyrun,

    the silver domes really do suit his character subhanAllah. The whole musjid is beautiful.

    do you have a picture of the whole monument? (bent sword)

  • wa iyyak, it’s very cool to be there… like ‘in front of khalid ibn walid’ it’s like just a feeling down ur spine it’s strange, more than even if u visit salahuddin. maybe b/c khalid is a sahabah ra.

    about the monument pretty much the whole thing is in Tidmor and Homs 156 it’s just a big pillar that has a slight angle to the right a bit to ‘show’ how his sword used to curve.

  • Masha’Allah beautiful Masjid!