Road to Damascus 22 – Lattakia City

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We visited Lattakia twice. The first time was part of a 3 day extended weekend trip by some girls in our class and our teacher. The second time it was me and some British friends.

Lattakia is THE resort of Syria. Anyone who’s anyone has a second home here. And anyone who has money comes here with their whole khandaan (aka extended family). People even come here from Europe to laze around on the beach at the 5 star Meridian hotel! We couldn’t quite afford that so we rented a “chalet”. A chalet is not what you think it is, basically it’s an empty apartment with a few rooms that you rent. But ours was pretty nice with a little balcony from where I took those pictures of the sunset and with the 10 of us it was quite a cheap fun-filled vacation.

So Lattakia is the craziest city I’ve ever been in. This place was like out of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. The ‘city’ part of Lattakia has no residents as far as I could tell. It’s all tourists, people here to party. And party they do. ALL NIGHT. There’s a main street that has all these stores, restaurants, outdoor cafes and ice cream places. Then, there are these crazy lit up trains that come around blasting music and tourists ride them around town. They have camel rides and horses going around. Then there are places to rent bicycles, 2 people, 3 people, 5 people bicycles and unicycles and those tall thingies clowns ride on and stilt thingies! There are also these ‘pedal yourself’ 4 person cars, 3 people pedal and one person ‘steers’ by moving the steering wheel. OMG did we almost got killed a number of times trying to get that thing to go through traffic. There’s also a mini-fair amusement park that had bumper cars and ferris wheels and various other stuff. It’s just so comical to sit at a cafe eating ice cream and watch all these crazy things going by like that train or a person on stilts. It was totally like a fairyland and we had a blast.

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  • Latakia 14 is beautiful and yes it looks like alice in wonderland.