Road to Damascus 23 – Lattakia the Seaside

Description of Lattakia the Seaside

Lattakian Seaside

Lattakia is a city north of Syria on the coast of the Mediterranean. It has a number of beaches that go up the coast. One of the most famous is the one we stayed at called “Shaati al-Azraq’ or the Blue Beach. Families and people come from all over for day trips, to swim and hang out in the city at night (see Lattakia the City description).

The beach is quite beautiful and there are a number of pictures of it, including a boat ride we took. There was also an area right behind our apartment that looked like lava rocks and there were little cliffs. I thought it might be a ‘moor’ like in Wuthering Heights. Remember when Catherine haunted the moors searching for her beloved Heathcliff? Uhhh ok. So the cliffs kind of just fall right into the water and the view is soooo beautiful, the water is just endless and some amazing shades of blue. Light blue, dark blue, sparkling blue, cerulean blue, azure blue. Wow I could have just sat there overlooking the water forever. But we couldn’t resist so we tended to jump in fully hijabed and went swimming. We also went swimming on the beach. There were alot of kids and some men but we went towards the unpopulated areas and went far out. There were rocks in the water that were kind of sharp. My poor feet had hundreds of tiny little scratches and cuts, so the next day we bought flip-flops from one of the tourist stores. The beach itself is made up of tiny tiny shells! See the picture of a hand holding up the shells. SubhanAllah. Tiny tiny little miracle pieces of art. Each one perfect and beautiful. I brought a whole bunch home and keep them in a bottle on my desk :)

Little memory I wrote for Lattakia:

At waters edge I stood laughing

My hands gripping the black lava cliffs

The rocks beneath my feet smooth and sharp

Blue of every hue stretching into the distance

Water lapping against me, pure and clear

So much beauty blinded my heart

like the sun my eyes that day

Surely Someone loves me? I thought

The waves came and went back

pulling me towards the horizon,

pulling me, pulling me

Sunshine sparkling off the drops

I smiled,

and wanted to let go.

Link to the pictures of Lattakia the Seaside


  • Beautiful! Looks so dive able =0)

  • Very beautiful.

    Lattakia 250 is really nice.
    walekum as salaam