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Road to Damascus 26 – Mosque of Sahabas

Description of Mosque of Sahabas

A Qabr in Mosque of Sahabas

One day just randomly walking around Damascus near Souk Hamadiyya we needed to pray Asr or something. So we saw one of those green fluourescent lights that symbolize a musallah at the corner. So we headed there and went in. Turns out not only was this Mosque way old, it had three Sahabah!! Remember the story of the woman who’s father, husband and son were all killed in battle, but she said she wanted to know if Rasulullah (s) was ok because she knew her family members were fine in Jannah. Well one of the Sahabah buried here was her other son. The other one is the son’s cousin. And there is also a woman Sahabiyat and it just says Unknown Sahabiyat (ra). Imagine going to pray at the corner and finding Sahabah walked before you. That’s Damascus for you. :)

Link to the pictures of Mosque of Sahabas


  • that sahaba lady is nassiba (ra)

  • i don’t believe it’s nusaiba bint kaab but it perhaps another nassiba from seerah.. jazakallah khair zahid

  • assalamo aliykum warah matullah ayohal mulimeen!!!
    mashallah.. i loved how you mentioned the story of the women who’s husband, father and son were killed in the battle and was more intersed in knowing what was the prophets condition then her family.. May Allah make us those who follow in the footsteps of those great sahabas, and may allah increase us in iman.

  • slm alykm
    i just read from a book… nasiba was in the battle protecting our messenger (saw) and the one whose husband,father, and son died and was asking abt the condition of the messenger (saw) is a sahabah called sumeyra (ra)

  • this is a turkish reference 4 that event: